M&M Continued

The rest of our week with Mike and Monica was just phenomenal!  We did a lot of SUPing, which they both took to fabulously!

There was even a little night SUP action by the light of the almost full moon!  I tried to snap a photo of the boys out on the water, but there wasn’t quite enough light for that.

In addition to SUPing, Tony and I introduced our good friends to the world of Catan!  We learned this game here in the islands from Matt and Stacy, and felt it only right to bring more followers into the fold! In fact, too much sun and a rainy day brought us to Myett’s with our game!

There were a few funny looks and some questions from the staff, but it was actually a great place to play.  We enjoyed PKs and smoothies while listening to the water during the game!

Of course, no trip to the BVI is complete without a trip to the Baths!  Mike and Monica seemed to really enjoy the beautiful beaches, rock formations (several of which Mike used to demonstrate his rock climbing abilities), and snorkeling.

The highlight of our snorkeling photography was this school of Blue Tang… oh, and the human fish of course!

Full Moon night found us at the Full Moon Party – no, not Bomba. Instead we graced the Trellis Bay Full Moon Party with the fire balls and Moka Jumbies.

It was a very windy night, so I was a little worried about all the sparks flying off the fires!

The Trellis Full Moon party was a first for us, and it was really cool (or hot!?) to see so much fire!

We also got the celebrate American Independence Day with Mike and Monica, and I made a cake to celebrate the occasion! Unfortunately, we couldn’t share the celebration with our other friends (we’d invited South Africans and Brits, as well as Americans), but we had a great time anyway!

Despite the bug bites (see photo below) and the travel nightmares, I think Mike and Monica had a great time!

I think they were maybe a little surprised at how island life has affected us (I’m thinking specifically of when I was filling the washing machine with water from the hose and that first time I careened up the driveway in our truck) and perhaps impressed with how I’ve adapted to it (veering from the schedule, cooking, etc.) as well.

It was so great to spend the week with these wonderful people.  Mike and Monica have been good friends to me for almost 10 years now and I’ve missed them dearly.

Love you both, and thanks for coming to see us!

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3 Responses to M&M Continued

  1. Monica says:

    Thank you for the wonderful week! We had an amazing time! It was definitely wonderful to see the two of you and to meet all of your island friends. We will soon forget all of the hassle that came with flying (especially if AA compensates us with some free flights!), but we will always have some great memories of the four of us on Tortola!

  2. Monica says:

    By the way… our very own copy of Catan arrived today! That means that we can play the next time you visit us in Denver! Thanks for introducing us to this super fun game. 🙂

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