Moving Day!

The big day finally arrived – moving day!  It was time to leave our pretty little cottage above Soper’s Hole for the apartment in Carrot Bay, and we have been excited about it for some time now!

It was so fabulous to have my mom in town for the move, and man-oh-man did we put her to work!  Bright and early on Sunday morning, we were up and loading the cars for the 10 minute drive over Zion Hill.  I say carS because Matt and Stacy sold their car to our incoming Technology Coordinator, Alex, and we’re keeping it for her until her arrival in August. Both vehicles were loaded to the max.

The great thing about moving without furniture is that it only took 2 trips! That meant Mom and I could begin unpacking right away, so A LOT was accomplished in that one day, plus we had time for a delicious dinner and live music at Elms, and we watched an episode of our new favourite (old) TV show, Numb3rs.

Don’t worry though, I didn’t make my mother work the whole time she was here!  On Monday the ladies (including Gemma) treated ourselves to a much-needed day of relaxation on Peter Island.  This luxurious private island is just across the Sir Francis Drake Channel from Tortola and they’ll bring you over on their private ferry for just $20.

The day away was just what we all needed!  Gemma just finished an exhausting stint at Cedar’s Summer Camp and Mom and I were sore and tired from all the moving and unpacking.

When we arrived on Deadman’s Beach at 9am, we were the only people there!

We spent the whole day dipping into the cool waves, lounging and reading on these amazing beach chairs! What could be better?

Lunch at the Deadman’s Beach Bar and Grill was phenomenal, and they delivered home-made cookies to each table after the meal.

I also taught Mom how to SUP during her 3rd visit to the islands, and she was pretty darn good!  No falling in, and she stood up on her first trip out.  She’ll tell you it was the teacher, but I’ll tell you it was the student!

It’s so nice to be settling into the new place, even though we had to say goodbye to Mom yesterday. It was another great visit!

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1 Response to Moving Day!

  1. Sabina says:

    Great to see you Pam enjoying the Caribbean with your daughter. Hugs! Sabina

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