Welcome to the Neighbourhood – Island Style

Very soon after moving into our new place we heard all this rustling and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  It was a windy day, but not that windy! Finally, we realized who our neighbours are.

The property next to our complex has several goats living on it!

So, this morning I’m sitting on our new front porch reading on my Kindle and I see a guy tending to the goats next door.  He calls over to say hello and make some small talk, introducing himself as Ronnie.  Before I know it, he’s out there with his machete to cut me down a coconut.  I don’t like coconut, but I couldn’t refuse his kind hospitality.  So I go into the house and get the spoon he’s asking for and head down to bring it to him.  He’s telling me all about coconuts and I’m catching most of what he’s saying!  Then he tells me to go upstairs and get two glasses with some rum and ice.  It’s 10am.  I come back with one glass of rum and ice (for him) and he pours the rum into the coconut, mixes it up, then pours it back into the glass and insists I take it.  I ended up with two glasses of coconut milk and the innards of 2 coconuts!

At least I know the neighbours are friendly!

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4 Responses to Welcome to the Neighbourhood – Island Style

  1. pam mcnicoll says:

    Dang – where was this guy yesterday morning!! And I swear – is there anything or anytime that doesn’t have something to do with RUM!!
    Love, Mom

  2. pam mcnicoll says:

    Not that there is anything wrong with RUM!! And how are my goat buddies today. One great thing – goats sleep through the night unlike those pesky roosters. And there are very few roosters near the new place. Or maybe it is the fabulous sound of the ocean that overpowers their noise!!
    Love, Mom

  3. b and says:

    Now I am definately coming soon. I love fresh, raw coconut, especially with RUM! It tastes like almonds! The goats are hilarious!! Can’t wait to see you and your place!!

  4. Nancy Kline says:

    You are having all the fun. Yum…rum and coconut taste good at 10 a.m. The islanders know that somewhere in the world is “happy hour.” LOL

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