An interview with Amy

Voice Over: Welcome to the Lindy and Tony Show! Our special guest today is long-time friend of Lindy’s, Amy Freedman! (cue canned applause sound-effect)

Lindy: Amy, welcome to the show. We’re glad to have you with us!

Amy: Thanks for having me.

Lindy: Now, Amy, can you briefly tell our viewers how you know Lindy and Tony?

Amy: Lindy and I met during a time in history filled with turmoil and unrest between two rival sororities.

I, a mighty Tri Delta, and Lindy, a studious Alpha Chi, overcame the pressures of society (well, sorority) and became friends. We went on a Habitat for Humanity trip to Gulf Shores where we bonded over our love for philanthropy and the beach. Then a few semesters later we studied abroad & traveled to a billion or so countries together where we learned a lot about each other. For example, I learned that Lindy gets very cranky if she’s hungry. Lindy learned never to take your eyes off of me or I might disappear into a store without notice. I met Tony when she was teaching with him in Olathe. She said “Amy, I met the male version of you” and I thought, well he sounds like fun & he’ll probably be around for awhile. I was right. Tony has also been kind enough to let me stay with them TWICE now, even though he knows I can’t cook & will likely drink all their rum (but at least I help with the dishes?).

Lindy: Yes, in fact, I almost lost you once on St. John when you stopped to take pictures and I kept walking! We’ll get to all that in a moment though.  Now, you mentioned that this wasn’t your first trip to the islands. What did you do differently this time?

Amy: This time was great because I learned how to SUP! I even did some amaaazing tricks, including the 360 turn & jumping board to board without falling off. We also got to see St. John, which I loved because it’s absolutely beautiful & the roads are freshly paved & painted. AND there was a cute bartender on St. John, so that was a bonus. Lindy & I went to Jost van Dyke and had so much fun there! It is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen! I also love the new apartment, especially the patio. It’s a great place to relax, listen to the ocean, and read on the Kindle.

Lindy: The photo our viewers are seeing now is us on St. John. Man, we look good! This next one is White Bay. I believe you took this one, Amy. Excellent photography skills!

 So, what were your favourite parts of this visit?

Amy: umm…same answer as before. Oh! And the fact that I got the circle on the hook twice!

Lindy: For our viewers who aren’t familiar with The Ring Game, it’s a popular one here on the island. A hook is stuck into a tree trunk and a string with a ring on it hangs from above. The objective is to hook the ring, and it’s surprisingly challenging! Now, Amy, I understand you visited several beaches on this visit. Which was your favourite?

Amy: My favorites were White Bay on Jost, Smugglers on Tortola, and Cinnamon on St. John. The colors are all so amazing, they look like postcards. I also liked watching Meg (Matt and Gemma’s dog) trying to navigate the gigantic waves at Long Bay Beach.

Lindy: Speaking of St. John, let’s see some photos. First up we have a view from the harbour, right?

Amy: Yes, that’s Cruz Bay.

Lindy: It was a lovely little town, wasn’t it?  I particularly enjoyed the cute little shops and restaurants. What’s this one?

Amy: This is one of the lookouts along the highway.  That’s Tortola in the distance.

Lindy: Oh, and this is a nice one of the two of us!

What about your favourite beach activity?

Amy: SUPing & snorkeling, even though I get too scared when I’m near coral. That stuff will eat you! Or at least hurt you! The SUP boards were nice to have, even if we were hanging out in the shallow parts of the beach.

Lindy: Were there any downsides to this fabulous trip?

Amy: Yes, actually. I was severely injured when a stick or porcupine needle or something punctured my toe.

Lindy: Oh, that’s awful!

Amy: I KNOW!  And you know who’s fault it was? Nature. It was nature’s fault for stickin’ it to me. Literally. Luckily, I have since recovered fully.

Lindy: I’m so glad to hear that! Why would you encourage others to go visit Lindy and Tony?

Amy: They are great hosts! They were kind enough to show me everything that I wanted to see & do everything I wanted to do. Tortola is breathtaking & the beaches are unbelievable. Spending time relaxing on the beach (we all fell asleep under a tree at one point) along with different activities is a perfect combination!

Lindy: Amy, it’s been a delight to have you here on the Lindy and Tony show! Please come back and see us again sometime soon. We’ll leave our viewers with a few more photos from your trip.

Sunrise over St. John

Beach Chairs on White Bay

St. John looking to Tortola

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3 Responses to An interview with Amy

  1. Kay Cooper says:

    You are just trying to make us all jealous! Are you even teaching school? Or are you just using that as an excuse to be there? : ) Beautiful!!

  2. Dee Ann Heptas says:

    Envious! 🙂

  3. Nancy Kline says:

    Cute interview. Beautiful pictures. Mikel and I wished we were there!

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