Phew, there’s been a lot going on lately! I’ll have to backtrack a few weeks to get it all in.

The beginning of August is Festival Time here in the BVI. All the banks and most of the businesses close for three days of parades, parties, and general excitement. In fact, there are events over an entire 2 week period, with carnival rides, food stalls and a stage constructed in the center of town with live music every night.

Most Caribbean islands have a festival of some sort. When we were in the Bahamas for Christmas a couple years ago we attended the Junkanoo with Brandon and Jancy! The BVI’s festival is supposed to focused on Emancipation. These islands were a big part of the slave trade, so Emancipation in the US had a major impact here. However, some argue it’s just a great excuse to get drunk and party for 2 weeks!

We didn’t join in with many of the activities, but I wanted to share some photos from the Road Town Parade.

There were also events on the Eastern End of the island, as well as in our new neighbourhood, Carrot Bay. One of the highlights here was the Donkey Races! I didn’t get to see these, but Tony captured it all on video!


I couldn’t figure out how to embed this clip, so you’ll just have to click the link! : )


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