Teachers are lucky in that we get 2 New Year’s for most people’s one – January and August/September. Just as most of the world reflects on the past and looks to the future around New Year’s Day, I find myself doing the same as we go into the new school year.

We’re beginning our second year as teachers at CIS and blogging has become more challenging lately. You may have noticed the increased time between my last few posts. I haven’t really been able to get myself motivated. We’ve settled into a routine now, and the novelty of many of our activities has worn off. I’m feeling stuck – wanting to use this forum to accurately document our experience here but also keenly aware of its public nature. Lately it seems more and more like the experiences and thoughts I have to document aren’t things that should be shared with the world. There are many humorous stories about D’s continuous communication with me since my return from DC, but I don’t want to embarrass him or come across as making fun of his adjustment into a new culture. Then there’s the heavy negativity I’m trying desperately to fend off going into this new school year. The end of last year took a real toll on me, and I haven’t been able to let go of it all yet. Other aspects of beginning this year are overwhelming and frustrating as (former?) friends adjust to new leadership roles. Add to all this the still air and ubiquitous (shout out to my Senior English teacher!) mozzies and it’s easy to be bogged down by the negative!

At the same time, there’s so much to look forward to. I’m trying really hard to focus on these aspects instead. There is a whole crew of new teachers, and surely there are some new friends among them. I have a grade level co-worker now, which I really missed last year! I’m looking forward to getting to know her and collaborating. I also cannot neglect the wonderful friends we still have here. Sometimes it’s hard to see the sun through the clouds, but they are definitely the sun! I’m so glad people are back from vacations and we’ve resumed both Friday nights at The Watering Hole and weekend afternoons on the beach. Tony and I’ve begun sharing the best aspects of our day with one-another before bed to help us focus on the good rather than the bad. Another positive is our beautiful sunsets have returned! They spent most of the summer hidden behind the Saharan dust. Here’s one for you from our front porch.

Seeing sunsets like this helps me to remember how blessed we are to be in this beautiful place!

Phew! Already I’m feeling a little better – thanks for listening to my catharsis. I feel a couple more blog post ideas coming on!  Watch for those shortly!

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2 Responses to Reflections

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    The beginning of this school year has certainly been a challenge — the first time in my 12 years at SC that it hasn’t been smooth or joyful. I feel your pain and hear your words, spoken and not. Keep finding something good in every day and keep that positive attitude and beautiful smile!

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    Happy to lend an ear – or an eye! I bet these are very common feelings into the second year of a two year adventure. And I agree, new teachers means new friends to add to the ones you spend time with now. I love the idea you had, to share the positive in the evening. It will make you be looking for good during the day, so you will have things to share!!

    You are such a blessing to D and to Cedar School. It will be great to have the focus get back on the children. Sharing your classroom with them will bring joy to your day (and of course, frustration, etc.!!)

    Know that we are all always just a blog away!! If we didn’t all have down days we wouldn’t appreciate the up days!! YOU both enjoy those sunsets for us, too. Kansas has beautiful sunsets – just without the water and that adds such beauty!!

    Can’t wait to see you in approx. 6 weeks!!
    Love, Mom

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