Have you ever seen bananas growing on the tree? We have a banana tree at the bottom of our steps, so we’ve been watching them grow over the last month or so.

While preparing to write this post I did some very scientific research on Wikipedia about the banana and learned that is erroneously called a tree. It is instead a pseudostem – a tree imposter! Each pseudostem produces just one bunch of bananas and then dies. Here’s a photo of our bananas growing.

I was most surprised by that slightly inappropriate looking thing hanging down at the bottom of the stem. Wikipedia told me that is called the banana heart, and some people eat it like they do artichoke hearts! Every few days a layer of the heart peels back and some tiny white flowers are visible. The flowers and the heart layer fall to the ground. I’m thinking a new “tree” will grow where they’re falling, but we shall see!

Many people here eat green bananas and include them in savory dishes, but I’m hoping I’ll get to see these completely ripen and have some delicious, sweet bananas very soon!

On another note, I’ve been meaning to write about school because it is going fabulously! My 13 kiddos (that’s right – just 13! Smallest class I’ve ever had!) are just delightful, and it’s a joy to spend the day with them.  I’ve been meaning to take photos of our classroom and get them up on here, but I keep forgetting. Maybe tomorrow!

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4 Responses to Bananas

  1. b and says:

    fasinating! very cool! thanks for sharing

  2. Robin Olson says:

    I think this tidbit will go right along with making smoothies with the preschoolers tomorrow! Thanks for sharing, Lindy!

  3. Pam McNicoll says:

    Wow!! I hope to eat bananas when on island!!! And can’t wait to see pics of the kiddos. I sure would like to read to them!!!! Thanks for the pics of the banana “tree”!! Now did it have anything growing on it in July? I don’t think I saw it then!
    Love, Mom

  4. Kay Cooper says:

    Better get out that banana bread recipe! That’s a lot of bananas at once. Thanks for the interesting info. Never knew about the banana heart.

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