Classroom Tour

I finally remembered to take photos of my classroom! It was so much easier starting this school year knowing what I was in for!  I’m in the same room, so I kept most of the organisation the same as what I ended with last year. That made it pretty easy to go in and put things right where they belonged.

That’s our Class Library back in the corner and our Themes in Literature board. The blue bulletin board says “Evidence of Learning” to go with my detective theme and will house student work… hopefully this week before Parent Night on Wednesday!

At the end of the day, the kids’ chairs go in the open space at the back so the cleaners can sweep.

Here’s the other back corner of the room. Out these windows are the picnic tables where the kids eat lunch and the pitch where they play. On the windows themselves is a Pinterest idea that says, “When you enter this classroom, you are…” and has things like mathematicians, explorers, friends, loved, the reason we’re here, etc. below.

I got to order those blue book baskets for this year, so each kiddo has one that matches. There are just 13 of them out for my itty-bitty class! Those are literature circle sets on the shelves below the baskets. Above the baskets is our Writing VOICES board for 6 +1 Traits of Writing. We’ll be attaching cards with writing strategies to the ribbons as we learn about each of the traits and apply them to our own writing.

The red folders are sticking out of my homemade mail boxes by the window. The mailboxes are tin orange juice cans that I covered in scrapbook paper and glued together. They’re not ideal, but they’re working.

The little bulletin board organizes our current Unit of Inquiry goals and the students’ questions as we investigate different topics. I keep my personal resources in the shelves below because that’s my desk just to the left.

Here’s where I do most of my teaching from, the front corner of the room. There aren’t any electrical outlets on that outside wall where my actual desk is, so I’m real limited on where my computer can go. That means I often get hit by the door when I’m sitting at the computer!

The kids sit on the rugs quite a bit during the day and I have all my chart paper up there to make anchor charts.

Here’s the other corner of the room with our white board, CAFE Reading strategies board and our Anchor Charts. I’ve decided to take photos of our charts through the year and add them to a 3-ring notebook. That way I don’t have to have too many up at one time but the kids can still access the charts if they need a reminder (thank you again, Pinterest!).

You can also see the kids’ tables here. I really like having tables as opposed to desks, but it can cause some problems. I decided mid-year last year that communal supplies just doesn’t work for me! I was tired of finding pencils all over the floor and sticky notes with cartoons drawn on them. So I made all those pencil cups for the last term and gave each kiddo a few pencils and other supplies to keep in them. If the kids lose their stuff they have to buy more through our class economy. It’s worked out great! Other supplies the kids acquire or bring are stored in the shoe organizer that’s hanging on the side of the cabinet – I’m so glad you told me to bring that, Debbie!! They also have table baskets to hold their math books and white boards. At the end of the day the pencil cups go into the baskets and are stored at the back of the room so the tables are clear for the cleaners. It’s a fabulous system, if I do say so myself. : )

I did incorporate a couple other Pinterest ideas this year. One is the Chore cup. I made up little cards that say, “You left it out, someone picked it up, to get it back, do a chore from the cup!” I put that on kids’ desks when they’ve left their stuff out and they have to clean something or pick something up around the classroom (according to the chore they pick from the cup) before they can get their stuff back. The other is the Writing VOICES Board, which I’ve never done before.

So, that’s the tour! I’ll say again, I have a phenomenal class! I really enjoyed last year’s kiddos and was bummed that I didn’t get to move up with them, but I’m thinking things have probably worked out for the best. I’m also really enjoying getting to know my coworker Deirdre (Day-dree), who is from Barbados, and sharing ideas with one-another!

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2 Responses to Classroom Tour

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    What a beautiful classroom!! I can’t wait to see it again in person. You are going to have the best year ever!!! 13 kiddos are very lucky to have YOU as their Teacher!
    Love, Mom

  2. b and says:

    I love it. thanks so much for sharing!! Very cool. Exceptional organizational skills sweetie!

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