Catching up and a Restaurant Review

It’s high time I play catch-up on the last few weeks! Everything’s been rolling right along at school. We’ve complete both Primary and Secondary Parent Nights and are even looking forward to our midterm break in a couple weeks!!

So, what have we been up to? A little bit of everything, I guess. On the flora and fauna side, we came home to this not-so-little guy a couple weeks ago.

He’ll turn into a Frangipani Moth, apparently named for his affinity for the frangipani plants.

Tony and I both stopped dead in our tracks when we saw him crawling across the sidewalk. I mean, it’s not every day that you see a caterpillar that’s 6+ inches long and almost an inch around! Tony quickly scooped him up to deliver to a coworker whose son is crazy about bugs right now.

On the beach front, we’ve been out to Trunk Bay (site of Mom’s bee sting on a previous visit) and Long Bay Beef Island (where many friends have learned to SUP) as well as the old standards Cane Garden Bay and Smuggler’s Cove.  Smugglers is still very quiet since all the vendors were shut down in April, but some of the places at Cane Garden are starting to open back up after being closed for hurricane season.

This photo shows me at the beach with new friends Alex, Linda, and Linda’s adorable daughter!

Speaking of hurricane season, we’ve been very blessed so far! There’s only been one real storm to pass through and it was relatively weak while it passed over us. They say that the later it gets in the season, the better off we are here in Virgin Islands. I guess history shows that the storms that develop later on usually curve upward before hitting here… though there have been some devastating storms late in the season before. So, we’re not completely out of the woods, but it does look promising!

A few weeks ago we enjoyed Sunday brunch with friends at Brandywine Bay Restaurant, which consisted of the most amazing lasagna I have EVER had. WOW! Even Tony admitted that if my lasagna tasted like that he’d be happy for me to make it! (I’ve never made lasagna because he doesn’t like it.)

Tony’s still going for the “too manly to smile” thing… I don’t know what’s up with that! Anyway, I’d been to Brandywine before when Tony was off island for a few days, and it’s just a lovely place to have a meal. The patio looks over a cliff to the waves below and looks out at the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Here’s a group photo on that patio.

We recently spent a lovely evening with some new coworkers, Donald and Linda, and their daughter Francesca. They have a very interesting story as they actually met here when teaching at Cedar a few years ago and have just returned! Linda is from Latvia and was in her early teens when the Soviet Union fell. It was fascinating to hear about growing up in a Communist occupied country! Donald is from St. Vincent, another island country further south in the Antilles. He said it’s very much like Dominica. The best story of all though was when they told us about their experience moving to Latvia. Obviously, Linda had no issues as she’s Latvian. Francesca was born in Latvia, so that was fine. Donald, however, joined the girls at a later time and he was the very first citizen of St. Vincent to visit Latvia. In fact, Latvia didn’t even have St. Vincent registered as a country in their system! I’m sure it wasn’t very funny to Donald and Linda at the time, but it had us in stitches as they told us about it!

Hmm… many of our recent experiences seem to revolved around food. Well, the best news of all is no exception! It’s a very rare treat when a new restaurant opens up here on Tortola, and I’ve been watching the transformation in this place since we arrived. Last fall this restaurant looked frankly a little scary! It was dark and dingy… in fact, if motorcycles were legal here this place would have been the hardest of biker bars. However, shortly after our arrival, they began remodeling the place and it’s looked good! I’ve been wanting to check it out, and we finally had a reason to when we were celebrating Matt’s birthday last week. (Please excuse the photo, I was driving when I took it so wasn’t able to properly angle the camera!)

It doesn’t look like much, but trust me. For the BVI, this is relatively classy! Looking at the name, Marche (with that little accent thing I don’t know how to do), we totally thought this was going to be a French restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised though when it turned out to be Chinese! As far as I knew there was only one other Chinese place on island, which we’d tried a couple times… it just wasn’t any good. This place, though, was the real deal! Here you can see us all pigging out:

Look at that – real Chinese food! ; ) This restaurant review is a big two thumbs up for Marche! The food was fabulous and the prices were decent as well. We’re hoping to try their Chinese buffet (That’s right! A BUFFET here on Tortola!) one of these days!


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4 Responses to Catching up and a Restaurant Review

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    Great to hear what’s new! That food looks wonderful! I am counting down the days till I am sitting on your fantastic porch sipping my pain killer!! And I am looking forward to supping and eating and shopping and just spending time sitting with you! And, of course, a few episodes of Numbers and nightly games of – whatever that game is that we played last visit!!
    Keep those blogs coming!
    Love, Mom

  2. Nancy Kline says:

    Was wondering if you two were too busy to write. Both of you look great. Tony needs to smile! Thanks for writing.

  3. b and says:

    Agree, you both look great!! Fun to have so many new friends and stories abound! Enjoy

  4. Mike McNicoll says:

    Thanks for catching us up. Looking forward to our visit next week!

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