Here in the islands we like any excuse to party. What’s the most famous party of the fall? Oktoberfest! This was the second year for this event and it did not disappoint.

Everyone was a little worried because we were supposed to be hit with a tropical storm right about the time the party was scheduled to start, but we lucked out. The storm turned north and pretty much missed us, which made for a lovely evening. For our $20 entrance fee we received these free mugs (steins?) with beer and a brat with sauerkraut and potato salad. Those of you who’ve been to see us know that’s a heck of a deal around here!

Tony found a little friend to play with, so he was entertained. They’re off to play catch with her little football.

Many people showed up in festive costumes. Most were short, tight, and low-cut… Luckily Scott went for something a little more tasteful… I guess!

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1 Response to Oktoberfest

  1. Nancy Kline says:

    Look, Tony finally smiled for the picture!

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