Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad recently returned to the islands! This made Mom’s 4th visit and Dad’s 2nd. Luckily, the trip over from St. Thomas was a little smoother than last time Dad was here!

We picked them up at West End and headed to Frenchman’s Cay for fish and beef tacos with Doug and Kathy. Last time Dad came to visit us, Doug and Kathy were out at sea, so this was his first chance to meet “the boat people.” After a delish dinner we were all invited back to the boat for Kathy’s amazing peanut butter cookies and gelatto from the new gelateria, which were both fabulous! Then, since we were still house sitting, we headed through town to our home away from home.

I think Mom and Dad liked their place, though I know Dad could have done without the dogs! Here you can see the guest house where they stayed, which was across the pool from the main house.

Saturday morning Mom and I got to do a little shopping at House and Hiho while the boys hooked up the SUP boards, then it was off to Beef Island for some SUP lessons. Mom had been up on the board on a previous visit, but this was Dad’s first go at it, and he was determined to SUP circles around Mom. And, in fact, he did! Mom and I took a little break and laid down on our boards for awhile and Dad literally SUPed in a circle around us!
It was a rough day for SUPing because there was a lot of current that kept pushing us toward the opposite end of the beach. After awhile I knew we were going to need something to eat and drink, so I paddled my heart out to get to shore and came back with a couple water bottles and a bag of Wheat Thins Crisps. They tasted like the best cracker I’d ever had at that moment in the middle of the bay. We all sat down on our boards at that point to enjoy the snack. Of course, after awhile we realised we were being pushed back out by the current, so it was back to hard paddling, but this time I had to keep an open bag of chips dry!

Just as we were getting ready to leave the beach for lunch a rogue wave came in and began carrying our stuff out to sea. Luckily Dad and I were already on shore, so I rushed around collecting floating flip flops and formerly dry towels before they could be washed out. Unfortunately though, I didn’t realise Mom’s prescription sunglasses had been sitting in her shoes. I’d rescued the shoes, but I was too late for the glasses. We searched around for awhile, but there was no sign of them.

After “throwing in the towel” on the search, Mom borrowed a pair of regular sunglasses from me, and it was off to a late lunch at Trellis Bay. Tony is partial to the chicken rotis at The Trellis Bay Kitchen, so the four of us split some.

By that time, our sun (over)exposure was already evident, so we decided to head back to our temporary home and lounge by the pool so that some could sun while others soaked up the shade.

After a dinner of chicken and biscuits, we played what might be the longest game of Settlers of Catan ever, and then it was off to bed!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to catch the ferry to The Baths on VG. This was the one thing we didn’t get to do the last time Dad was in town, so we wanted to make sure it got onto this visit’s itinerary.

As usual, the Baths were gorgeous and we had a great snorkel… That is until we saw all the jelly fish! At first I just saw little gelatinous masses in the water. Then I saw one with full tentacles pulsing ahead of me! (They really are beautiful creatures!) Then there was another one… Then three more… I started freaking out! Even though we could see the beach we were swimming toward, I wasn’t going any further through those jelly fish, so Mom and I hightailed it back and Dad and Tony joined us pretty quickly. Then we all walked back through the Baths together and headed over to Spring Bay to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Dad climbed on top of this very large rock…

Then we were off to CocoMaya, a new restaurant on VG that’s been the talk of the town for the last couple months, for a late lunch. (Restaurant Review coming soon!)

Last stop on VG was our favourite ice cream and candy shop – YumYums! The ice cream was so delicious Dad went back for another double scoop cone!

As usual, the ferry ride back was beautiful. We were aboard Speedy’s triple decker, a boat I’d never been on, and got a laugh out of the safety recording that played a time and a half before anybody remembered to turn it off.  It was only 5pm in this photo, but the sun was already on its way down. Right now the sun is setting about 5:45.

Monday was a bank holiday for St. Ursula’s Day, so there was no school! It was also the last day of our house sitting commitment  In the morning we enjoyed blueberry scones and packed all our stuff into the truck for the trip back to Carrot Bay. One thing Tony and I forgot though was that we did a bunch of laundry while we were staying in town, but we now had 2 extra people to carry in the truck, plus all their luggage! We ended up leaving 2 baskets of clean clothes and sheets in my classroom so that we could make the trip in just one load.

By this point in the weekend, everyone was pretty red, so Dad suggested Game Day. We sat on the porch munching snacks and playing games most of the day. However, there was one game that couldn’t be played at the house – the SUP Board Races! Late in the afternoon we went down to Cane Garden Bay for some 2 for $7 PKs from Stanley’s and a dip in the water.

We parked on the other side of the beach, so here are Tony and Dad bringing our stuff over! Mom and I chose to carry the beach bag with us on land, just in case!

Matt and Gemma met us at the beach, so we chatted with them for awhile and enjoyed Stanley’s concoctions. Finally, it was time for the races to begin! Dad and I went head to head in the first heat. Though it was close, I had experience on my side and pulled in first. The next heat had a surprise finish when Tony made it to the half way point and never turned around. He paddled the rest of the way backwards and Mom pulled in just before he did. That put Mom and I in the final heat, and I won. Mom and I were quite impressed that nobody fell in while SUPing… that is until Dad tried to tackle Tony!

There’s no better way to describe that afternoon except really, really fun!

The next morning was Mom and Dad’s last day on the island. My fabulous Principal agreed to cover my class at the beginning of the day so I could take Mom and Dad to breakfast at Da Best Cup  before they got on the ferry. (My first two periods are plan time, so it’s literally 5 minutes with the kids and sending them off to specials!) Since we’d been really rubbish at taking photos all weekend, we took a couple family pics after breakfast, (minus Tony of course because he was at school). Dad took this one of Mom and me.

We’re hoping they put this one in the Johnson County Gazette, which is why we’re holding up a copy of it!

It was another fabulous weekend with Mom and Dad. I’m always so glad that they get to have a break from work and that they take the time to come see us. We’re looking forward to seeing them again in a couple months when we’re home for Christmas!!

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2 Responses to Mom and Dad

  1. Monica says:

    I just love that I can now picture all of the places (or at least some of the places) you talk about in your posts! The only problem is that now I wish I were on the island with you right now!

  2. Jami says:

    Yay! You get to come home for Christmas!!!!

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