Casino Night

Twenty-Twelve marked the 35th annual Humane Society of the BVI Casino Night. Gambling, as a rule, is not allowed here in the BVI, with the exception of this one charity event, and we were glad to be in attendance this year with Matt and Gemma .

We always enjoy a chance to get a little dolled up!

The main game of the night was Blackjack with our buddy Dennis. It didn’t matter that we’d never met Dennis before or that he only became our buddy because he happened to have enough open seats at his table for the 4 of us – he was our new buddy and he showed us a good time! We each even won a few chips!

The Blackjack was fun, but the real highlight of the evening, in my opinion, was the crab races. Tony was quick to point out the irony here – the purpose of the entire evening was to benefit the poor abused and abandoned animals of the BVI, but here we were watching defenseless creatures who had been removed from their homes habitats (their homes are technically attached to their bodies), marked with stickers, shoved into a bucket, then released to race so that people could bet on which would be the fastest to reach the outside of the circle. No matter – it was a darn good time!

Some of those little guys were REALLY fast! Others just climbed over oneanother in the middle – survival of the fittest??




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2 Responses to Casino Night

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    What a fun night!, and you and Gemma look so beautiful!!! I always love Tonys humor. He finds the irony in many things and this thought was no exception!!! Poor little crabs!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Mom

  2. b and says:

    Sounds like a blast!! You sure have some great people to be around! The Hat place looked like a really fun time! Happy Thanksgiving Kids…Love you both!

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