Oh, life on an island!

Last week another teacher and I threw a “Bridal Shower” for my coworker Deirdre (pronounced Day-Dree) and her fiancee. Deirdre is new to Cedar and teaches the other Grade 4 class in the room next door to me. It’s been such a delight to work with her, and we’ve really hit it off!

Anyway, I felt it was important to recognise this momentous occasion in her life, and thankfully others agreed with me! So, Sherry and I decided to throw a shower. Except that there isn’t much here you’d want to shower someone with. So, we decided it would be more of a celebration and we’d ask people to chip in, if they wanted to, toward a gift card to one of the really nice home decor places here on Tortola.

We started planning a few weeks ago – Sherry did invitations and sought volunteers to bring food. I was in charge of decor, ordering the cake, and organising the money collection for the gift. I found these banner templates on Pinterest and put them together to jazz up the staff lounge.


Almost everyone was willing to pitch in! We had several ladies making snacks to enjoy and several others bringing ingredients for punch. Plenty of money for the gift was collected. Sherry and I each had plan times in the afternoon so we could set up – things were going great!


I raced out of school on my lunch break on Friday to pick up the cake from Rite Way. I was so worried they were going to spell her name wrong, since it’s a little unusual, so I opened the box before I left the store. I almost wish I hadn’t. Sometimes it’s just better not to know. Nonetheless, I couldn’t take the request back.

The cake read:

Congratulution Deirore and Kevi

That’s right – CongratulUtion (Con-grat-you-lu-shun). And not several congratulations, either. Just one!


The girl at the bakery counter was the same one who had taken my order earlier in the week, and she wasn’t too happy either. Obviously they send out for these cakes, as the girls behind the counter had no cake tools at all. So, one of them took a knife and cut a little bit of the red icing from one letter and slapped it on top of the offending ‘u’ to make it an ‘a.’ (If you look closely you can see where the icing was taken from… Scratch that. You don’t have to look that closely at all!) There wasn’t much else that could be done though, and I had to get back to work!

Overall, the party was a big success. Most of the staff stopped by to wish Deirdre and Kevi well. The snacks and cake were delicious. It was a great chance for the staff to get together for an un-stressful occasion, being that we just finished the reporting period. And most importantly, Deirdre was really touched at everyone’s sentiment. Here is the happy couple!


Just a few more days, and they’ll be husband and wife!

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2 Responses to Oh, life on an island!

  1. olsonrobin says:

    Love your posts! You are the BEST at making whatever is be exactly what you need! I gotta ask, though, what’s with the snowflake? Does this mean you guys are missing the midwest weather? Hate to disappoint, but there has been no snow to speak of and temps in the 50’s. We think of you two often. Congratulations to Deidre or Deiore and Kevi!

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