School’s out!

School broke up for the holidays on Friday, and we wanted to make sure we started the break off the right way. So, we booked ourselves onto a day sail with Voyage Escapes for Saturday. We’ve been out with the company before and had a great time, and this time was no different. It’s just so great to be out on the water!

When we boarded the boat at 9:15, there were fruit punches in plastic wine glasses waiting for us! Here’s a photo of me sitting in the sun with my juice.


There’s not much that’s better than the hot sun on your face and the sound of the wind blowing past the sails overhead.


Our destinations included The Indians and The Caves, both snorkel spots off Norman Island. We’d first been to these places when we took this daysail with Mom and Dad in February.


I didn’t stay in the water long at The Caves. I find the caves themselves quite creepy, but planned to head to the point with Tony where he’s seen turtles and an octapus before. However, we weren’t in the water long when we started seeing these moon jellyfish all over the place. Everyone says they don’t really sting you, but my sense of self-preservation was too high to chance it!

After snorkel #2, it was off to lunch! Like last time, we ate at the Willie T. You may remember that this floating restaurant is known for people jumping off its second story, which I did this time! Unfortunately, there isn’t any photographic evidence, so you’ll just have to believe me.

After lunch we all just relaxed on the boat, and the boys decided to do backflips off the backside.

IMG_1447 IMG_1445 mycollage


The day was a lot of fun and just what we were hoping for before we head home to the cold for Christmas!

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3 Responses to School’s out!

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    What FUN!! And that is a GREAT picture of you relaxing on the boat and a GREAT picture of You and Tony!!
    Ah, The Willy T – the memories!! One correction though – it is well known for people jumping off the second floor and ALSO off the first floor which is quite far above the water, too!!!
    Can’t wait to welcome you home on Tuesday for a very Merry Christmas time!!
    Love, Mom

  2. Beth Schuurmans says:

    WOW what a great start to vacation!! Good for you. Have a wonderful trip back to Kansas. Merry Christmas Kids!! Love you.

  3. Nancy Kline says:

    The Indians and the Caves were our favorite place to snorkel and scuba dive. Brings back wonderful memories. Have a nice break.

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