The Honeymoon is over!

The Honeymoon…

Yesterday was such a great day! It started off bright and early for a 7:30am yoga class at a local resort. It was a bit chilly at first (a cool 76*) but it felt good once we got our muscles moving. After that I did some grocery shopping at Harbour Market in Soper’s Hole and ran some errands. Tony loved that too, because it meant he could sleep in!

Around noon we left for the Smuggler’s Cove, where we stayed for a couple hours. I finished decorating a new pair of flip flops while listening to the waves on the beach.


There was some serious swell, and the water has gotten quite chilly, so I just dipped my toes in.

Then we went home and lounged around the house. I got caught up on some old episodes of Glee and worked on some other crafty type projects. Around 7 we had dinner, whipped Tony in Scrabble, and got ready for bed.

It was a perfect last day before returning to work.

… is Over…

That’s when things started going bad. At first it was just a tickle in my throat – no big deal. I popped a Ricola in my mouth and laid back down. However, sleep just wouldn’t come. I tossed and turned for a couple hours, though I must have fallen asleep at some point because I woke up sweating at the end of a school-dream in which I greatly disappointed my Head of Primary. At some point I also dreamed about being very, very cold and sick back at my parents’ house in Olathe. When I woke from that one, I was in fact very, very cold! I took Tony’s half of the comforter and doubled it over so I had two layers on top of me. Luckily he almost never uses the comforter, so I was pretty safe in taking his half.

All in all, I think I’m going on about an hour of collective sleep and I have a fever of 101*. Boo. I hate being sick!

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1 Response to The Honeymoon is over!

  1. Beth Schuurmans says:

    Feel better soon sweetie! Lissy had same thing, achy fever ect! along with half of green bay apparently!

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