The Best Medicine

Well, if I have to be sick and miserable, I might as well be sick and miserable on the beach. Right? Yesterday Tony and I trekked out to Cane Garden Bay for a couple hours.

This is a much better view than the closet doors in my bedroom! My toes there are sticking out from below the beach towel that I was using to fight off the chills. I also had a wet rag on my forehead to try and bring down the fever. I must have been quite the sight! I did notice that Tony placed his chair almost 10 feet away from mine – to avoid being associated with the wierdo covered in towels? I don’t know!

I’m still quite sick, so maybe our venture wasn’t “the best medicine” as cited in the title above, but it sure felt good to get out of the house for something other than a visit to the Doctor!

Here’s another look at my view from the beach lounger. Imagine those palm leaves swaying in the breeze and the gentle rumble of the ocean 20 feet away!


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1 Response to The Best Medicine

  1. Beth Schuurmans says:

    Lissy wishes she had this view to fight off her chills!! Not quite the same in ole Green Bay! Take care honey.DRINK LOTS OF FLUIDS!!!!

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