Net Ball and a Wig Party

Are you familiar with Net Ball? I didn’t know anything about it, but Laurie had been asked to play by a group of moms at the school and was looking for a friend to join her.

“I don’t know Laurie, I’m really not athletic at all,” I said. “No one would want me on their team!”

“Ohh!,” she laughed, “neither am I. They said it doesn’t matter that we have no idea how to play either. They’re just looking for a few more players.”

I gave her a questioning glance. “Please,” she said. “I don’t want to be the only nonathletic loser out there on the court!”

“Oh, so you need a loser friend?” I responded with a smile.


And that’s how I wound up leaving the house before 9 on a Saturday to play a SPORT while Tony slept the morning away!

Actually though, Net Ball was really fun! Its closest US relative is basketball, as it’s played with a ball similar to a basketball and you use a hoop and net. You pass the ball down the court toward your team’s goal in order to get the ball through the hoop and score a point.

We played on the basketball court at school, but the court’s divided into thirds, as opposed to halves for basketball. Depending on your position, you can only go to certain areas on the court and only certain players can score a goal. When a goal is attempted, the ball cannot use the backboard. On a real court, there wouldn’t actually be a backboard. Also, there isn’t any dribbling at all, so you’re constantly passing the ball.

I liked the game a lot because it was quite civilized! For instance, when a team’s goal scorer was making a shot, no one could block it or steal it away from her. If she missed, the other team could rebound the ball, but they couldn’t knock it out of her hands as she prepared to shoot. Also, because it was a bunch of women playing just for fun everyone was very supportive and kind. I heard of a lot of “Oh sorry!” through the game as ladies apologised for stepping on one another’s feet!

I liked it so much, in fact, that I went back today!

That evening our coworker Anna had a big birthday bash that was crazy hair themed! I stopped by one of the wig shops in town on the way home from Net Ball so I’d have something to wear to the party. Check out this look!


I went for the blond because it would be so different, but now I’m really wishing I’d bought the brown one instead. It was so much fun to have long hair! I’d totally wear that wig out… if it matched my eyebrow colour!

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2 Responses to Net Ball and a Wig Party

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    What a sports woman you are!!! Great going!!! And wig party – what FUN!! Great memories! Love, Mom

    Pam McNicoll with Mary Kay -Enriching Women’s Lives! Individually we’re great, Together we are UNSTOPPABLE! Pink Cadillac – here we come! 913.558.8037

  2. Jami says:

    Oh, my goodness! You look like Christina on Parenthood! 🙂 Love it!

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