Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2013 didn’t quite work out like Tony’d planned…

On Wednesday night we were headed to a friend’s house for dinner when our truck, Bessie, started acting a little funny. Tony gave her a little gas heading up the hill, and she just didn’t want to go! It was so sudden that Tony thought the engine had died, but when he tried to turn the key, the engine was still running. Tony tried again to give Bessie some extra gas for the hill, and she grudgingly agreed to go up. When we arrived at our friend’s place Tony popped the hood, but he didn’t see anything glaringly wrong, so we enjoyed a lovely evening with our friend and hoped that Bessie would feel better after a little rest.

The trip home was a tense one. We debated for a minute whether to continue along the Ridge Road, which winds its way up and down the crest of the mountain, or head down to the coastal road, where it winds along the flat reclaimed land. I voted for the coastal road, of course, but Tony’s certain we wouldn’t have made it home if we’d taken it. After a 40 minute drive filled with prayers that Bessie would have enough power to make it up the little hills and a few stops to let her brakes cool (they smelled awful!) on our way down, we rolled slowly into the car park for our apartment.

I called Gemma to ask for a ride for Thursday. We gave Gemma rides several times a week while her car was out of commission, so she was happy to return the favour.

Gemma and her brother, James, who’s visiting this week, picked us up this (Thursday) morning. We were just getting into Road Town when her car started to putter, then backfired, and died. Two cars in 12 hours! Gem’s car just came back from the garage last week too! The boys popped the hood to check the oil, then tried to start it up again. Gemma coaxed the car through town and over the two hills that led to school. We made it just in time for my 8am playground duty!

Tony tried all day to call the mechanic, Anand, about our car. He usually goes to the vehicle to work, so it wasn’t going to be a big deal that she was 1/2 an hour from town. However, Tony just couldn’t get ahold of the guy!

No car meant that Tony couldn’t run into town to get me flowers for V-Day. (He did the delivery thing last year – not happening again! $$$$) No car also meant we had to cancel our reservation at the nice restaurant in town so we could get a ride home with another coworker!

So, we ended up at a lovely little place in Carrot Bay called Cruzin’ for Valentine’s Day dinner. Actually, I love Cruzin’, so it was a great second option. We’ve been there several times and the food is always fabulous. It’s always the same two ladies who are working, so they recognize us when we come in. It’s right off the water, so you can hear the waves and watch the lights come on over on St. Thomas. Plus, it’s walking distance from our house! : )

The lights do kind of weird things with the camera, but it’s really pretty in person.

It was a lovely Love Day, and I hope you had a great one too!

Now, let’s all hope for a call back from the mechanic in the morning!

Update: It’s now Saturday night and Bessie is still out of commission! We do know what’s wrong though, and Anand is coming back in the morning. I still think we’ve fared pretty well, since this is our first big problem in a year and a half! Not many people here can say that!

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