Last weekend was Cedar’s annual Night of Nations. It’s a really big event filled with lots of food and entertainment from the many cultures that are represented in the BVI and at school. It also happens to be my school committee for the year. Luckily, the parent who runs it has done so for years, and by this point it’s practically down to a science! The whole event went over so well! Here are a few pictures:

Gemma, Scott, and I helped put up more palm branches around one of the seating areas. They were pretty heavy!

But they looked really nice when they were all up!

The decor for the event had a decidedly Oriental theme, and I thought everything turned out just beautifully! Here’s the food area before any of the food had arrived:

All those cherry blossom “trees” that are attached to the poles were hand made by a parent and her daughter. They cut the petals out of tissue paper in different colours of pink and hot glued them onto tree branches. The effect was stunning!

The evening entertainment was provided by more than 80 performers. I thought these little Filipino kids were adorable as they danced to a traditional song from their home country!

There was also a steel drum band, which was excellent!

At the end of the evening there were special lanterns that could be lit and sent up into the air. This is the Governor helping some kids get their lantern ready

Here’s another lantern. They had to be lit for a little while, then they would begin to rise as the air inside the lantern heated up.

Overall the evening seemed like a huge success!

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