Relaxing the Days Away… and A Little Exercise

Mom and I really enjoyed the rest of her visit!

As usual, we did a little shopping at House and HiHo, but shopping goes quickly when there are only two stores and they are right next to eachother! So, there was plenty of time for SUPing and lounging at the beach too.

On Sunday though, we were booked in at the Spa on Scrub Island! Mom read all about how much fun we had back in January and just couldn’t bear to be left out. I was able to snap a few more photos as well! Here’s another shot of the breathtaking view from the villa!

This is the room where I had my Eterno Massage and Caribbean Flowers Facial – Yes, it was JUST as incredible as it sounds!

And this is us feeling all pampered and ready for brunch and an afternoon at the pool!

The weather was gorgeous and sunny, which was especially important for Mom and her quest to reclaim her tan skin. I snapped this view overlooking the pool and marina as we walked back from the Spa Villa.

This one is from the other angle and captures just how cool this pool is! I totally love the beach, but every once in awhile it’s great to have sand-free toes while enjoying the sunshine and the view.

Don’t worry, we didn’t relax the whole time! On Monday we joined Donald, Linda, and lovely Francesca for a pretty intense walk around East End. Here you can see everyone walking at an angle because the hill sloped so steeply down! Tony felt like he was back in San Francisco!

It was so steep that Mom turned around so I could snap this photo and nearly lost her balance! It’s a good thing Linda was there to catch her! It would have been a nasty fall down that huge hill!

The walk took us past some beautiful views of the Eastern and Northern coasts of the island…

…as well as Her Majesty’s Prison! It was very strange to be walking past this building and actually hearing the prisoners inside!

This was taken from the same place, but facing the other direction. Those poor guys can literally SEE all the beauty they’re missing out on!

After all that work we felt justified in eating whatever we wanted… which we definitely did! Donald and Linda prepared amazing pancakes (crepes) with cheese and jam for us and a Latvian sweet egg dish. I love trying dishes from our friends’ home countries!

We also did a little crafting! You know how I always like to have a project in the works… I couldn’t resist taking a quick picture of these.

The next day Mom had to go back home to cold Kansas, but I was glad to be able to take her to breakfast before she boarded the ferry. It’s become a bit of a tradition to eat at D’ Best Cup on departure day, and this visit was no different!

Thanks for coming to see me, Mom!

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