Turtle Spotting (repost)

Somehow I managed to delete this post, so I’m putting it through again – sorry for the repeat!

Last weekend was our second 3-day weekend in a row! Thank you BVI for being a part of the British Commonwealth and getting us a day off! We were lucky enough to be invited up to North Sound for the weekend with Doug and Kathy.

The ride from Hodge’s Creek on Saturday was beautiful, even though the low winds required us to motor up instead of sail. There was a big swell coming in, and we watched it develop during the +/- 2 hour trip. By the time we approached North Sound, we were riding swells of 6-8 feet and watching in awe as they crashed against the rocks of The Dogs, Mosquito, and Necker Islands. Once we made it into North Sound though, which is well protected, the water was calm and beautiful.

We spent most of that day lounging on the boat and reading. It was very relaxing!


North Sound is the BVI’s playground for the rich (but not-so-famous.) Not that we usually see them, but we often see their boats. A couple years ago the YCCS dock was constructed specifically for those mega-yachts. There happened to be a mega-yacht regatta coming up too, so there were a couple boats on the dock. We couldn’t resist scoping them out when Doug took Hope (boat dog) over to land for a restroom break.

This is the Athena, the largest privately owned sail boat in the world.

This photo is taken from the dock. Tony is walking toward the YCCS Club House that’s in the background, which is gorgeous!

That night we were booked for a Glass Bottom Boat tour, which was the real reason we’d all ventured up to North Sound for the weekend. I’d seen a sign for the tour boat when we stayed with Doug and Kathy during our first Christmas down here and really wanted to go. Doug and Kathy happen to know the boat’s owner, since they know virtually everyone in North Sound, so they secured our reservation for the evening with Gumption, commonly known at Gummy Bear. The swells had kicked up a lot of the sea floor, but we still had decent visibility for our 7pm tour of the reef. Gumption showed us some old canons that had been abandoned and integrated into the reef, but we were most excited about the turtles! Unfortunately, the darkness, the swell, and the combination a moving boat, water, and turtle all contributed to make a horrible photo, but you can kind of make out the outline of a turtle here. We saw 5 in all, and I saw a stingray too!

Sunday started with my homemade Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes, which I am loving, by the way! Then, there was a lot more serious lounging. Lunch at The Fat Virgin was a delicious fish sandwich for me and a burger for Tony, then a short hike before heading back to the boat. Boats are the main mode of transportation in North Sound and cars can’t actually make it much further north than The Fat Virgin.

On our way back to the boat, I couldn’t help snapping this photos of The Aeolus!

As we were getting back on board, a turtle surfaced just over the port side. I spent the next 1/2 hour on Turtle Patrol and finally got this guy on film!

That evening we got back in the dinghy and rode over to Saba Rock for Happy Hour ($3 PainKillers!). At 5pm they fed the tarpon, which are the massive fish that our friend Matt fishes for. He’ll often wrestle those fish for 45 minutes to an hour before they tire out or give him the slip!

Tony snapped a couple good sunset photos as well.

Our trip back to Tortola on Monday was a little rougher than Sunday’s voyage. By that time the swells had reached their max height and had broken up to make the water extremely choppy. I was doing fine up on the deck, but didn’t offer to help Kathy prepare lunch down in the galley for fear of getting sick! We were all amazed by the colour of the water on the ride though. Obviously, the Caribbean Sea is always a gorgeous shade of turquoise, but the swell had kicked up so much sand from the bottom that the sunlight was reflecting in unusual ways.

In this photo you can see the dramatic difference in the colours – the bright turquoise and the deep blue.

The weekend was a blast, filled with good food, good conversation, and lots of R & R! It was certainly what we needed to face these last couple weeks before Spring Break!

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1 Response to Turtle Spotting (repost)

  1. Beth Schuurmans says:

    Thank you it was worth getting again just to look at those absolutly gorgeous pictures. UNBELIEVABLE! What a weekend you had. Undescribable to those way up here! Again hope you had a fantastic burthday Lindy. Love you, have a super week!

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