A Visit from Erica

My dear cousin Erica came to visit us over Spring Break! Erica is the young lady who’s currently living in our house and ensuring that we don’t have to rent a storage unit for all our stuff! Yay! Thanks Cuz!

Anyway, Erica’s trip is pretty well documented on film, (Can you really say it’s “film” anymore? Anywho…) so I’ll share our weekend with you all!

Here’s the little darling coming out of the West End Ferry Terminal. Isn’t she lovely? She did have us a little worried as she was the absolute last person to come out… but she made it!

Per our usual custom with guests, we stopped by the house to drop off Erica’s bags, then drove up Windy Hill to Bananakeets for sunset and sundowners.

On Friday we were up pretty early. I made breakfast (Oatmeal pancakes again – SO yummy!) and we were ready for the beach! It’s been a cold winter in Kansas and Erica wanted some sun! There was no ship in town that day, so we headed toward Cane Garden Bay.

Unfortunately, just as we were getting set up, the rain clouds rolled in.

Certain the rain wouldn’t last long, we hung out under an umbrella at Stanley’s (now Tony’s) Welcome Bar. When it started raining harder and more sideways, we moved under the wooden roof where the above photos was taken. Eventually though, it was clear the rain was sticking around for awhile. Looking south we could see blue sky and sunshine, which is quite common on the island, so we decided to try another beach. We spent about 45 minutes at Long Bay before it started raining there too! We admitted defeat for the morning and went home for lunch.

However, we were on a mission. Erica needed a tan! That afternoon we gave Cane Garden Bay another try. This is the spot Tony picked out for us!

There wasn’t a ton of sun, but at least it was dry. Erica was brave enough to give SUPing a try!

It was a little rough at first… and the rolling waves certainly didn’t help at all!

Yes, I’m pretty sure that IS Tony laughing at her, but Erica was a good sport. Check out that smile!

She even got a good ride in standing up!

The dismount is always the hardest part though. Check out this killer wipe-out! I’m so glad I captured this – awesome job Erica!


That night pizza at the Watering Hole was on the itinerary for dinner, but we didn’t realize everything in town would be closed for Good Friday! So, instead, we wound up at Pusser’s sharing a pizza, a salad, and a quesadilla, all of which were surprisingly good. (photo taken from the ferry the next morning)

Despite the weather, it was a great first day of Erica’s visit! I’ll write more tomorrow about our next couple days of adventure!

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1 Response to A Visit from Erica

  1. Beth Schuurmans says:

    So very cool. Looks like a fantastic time despite weather issues! Great photography Lindy of the dismount! Good sport erica!!

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