Stray Cat Strutting

Ok, I really hate to make posts out of order, but this one wasn’t ready, then I got a little lazy and never finished it… but now I have the photos I needed and have had the motivation I needed to get it done. So, I am ready to tell you about our day aboard the Stray Cat catamaran.

(Side note: The Stray Cats are one of my Dad’s favourite bands, and he’s always talking about their Stray Cat Strut. Hence the title of this post!)

So, we got two weeks of Spring Break. It was awesome! Now, I’ll probably be singing a different tune mid-May when all my Kansas friends are wrapping up the school year and I still have SIX weeks! Anyway, Tony and I had a voucher for 10 people to spend a day aboard a catamaran and picked the first Tuesday of our Spring Break.

Here’s Captain Peter, the Business Manager at school. He has lots of experience driving boats, which saved us all a bunch of money because we didn’t need to hire a captain. Thanks Peter!

The boys really enjoyed a chance to play Sailor while Captain Peter ordered them all around, and I must say they did a pretty good job!

Look at that strong man pulling those sheets!

While the boys were working hard, we ladies preferred to lounge in the sun on the trampolines up front. There aren’t any photos of us though, since we were so relaxed!

The boys got the sails up and we were sailing off into the Sir Francis Drake Channel with not a care in the world. In the distance we could see BVI Spring Regatta starting off.

It wasn’t long though before we were IN the Regatta! Look at all those guys hanging on the high side of that boat to keep it from keeling over!

Our day was spent with the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair as we sailed toward Cooper Island, where we were planning to stop for lunch. Tony cooked the burgers and hot dogs while the girls brought out the pasta and potato salad, chips, and cookies that made up our veritable feast! Here’s our group photo after gorging ourselves!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of more lounging around in the sun. Very taxing, we know!

20130423-195301.jpg Isn’t this a gorgeous picture of brother and sister?

Matt thinks we could be in a Savanna commercial. Perhaps we should send this photo to South Africa!

There’s nothing better than a day out on the water… when there are other people to do all the work that is! Good job boys!

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2 Responses to Stray Cat Strutting

  1. Mike McNicoll says:

    I assume somebody was playing the “Stray Cat Strut” on their I-pod. I’m surprised you didn’t mention it.

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    What a great day on the water!!
    Great memories made!
    Love, Mom

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