An Interview with Jennifer and Amy

We were recently blessed with more guests when two of my cousins came down from Texas! I don’t know what it is about my cousins coming to visit, but once again we had some rainy weather during Amy and Jennifer’s visit! Despite the weather, we tried to make the most of the long weekend.

Here they are to tell about their trip:

What was your favourite part of the trip?

Amy: My favorite part was going to The Baths and doing everything that was there.

Jennifer: The best day on Tortola was our trip to Smuggler’s Cove. Smuggler’s Cove is a nice beach without all the tourist junk. However, the absolute best day of being here was on Virgin Gorda at The Baths exploring the rock formations and snorkeling. We saw many kinds of beautiful fish of many vibrant colors: blue, black and blue, black and white striped, parrot fish (male and female), a sea-centipede looking thing moving on the rocks under water (Lindy, any idea what that is?). Then the relaxing down time at Guavaberry was nice – caught a nap in their resort provided chairs… But don’t tell anyone!

Here are the girls at Smuggler’s Cove:

What beaches did you spend time on?

We went to several, including Cane Garden Bay, Long Bay Beef Island, Smuggler’s Cove, Devil’s Bay, Guavaberry Spring Bay. The best beach was Guavaberry – few people and beautiful calm waters. The clientele at Guavaberry was a bit senior, with most reading books in the shade so it remained quiet and calm. However, at one point there was a jam session with a guitar, ukulele, and singers creating some nice background music in the genre of 1950’s island/beach music.

What surprised you most about the island?

Amy: That the locals don’t like water and are very religious.

Jenn: The locals have no culture besides some random holidays and fairs. The island unfortunately would be so much more beautiful if it were properly maintained. Also, nothing is ever truly free of sand or ants. I was bitten in Virgin Gorda by an ant, but to my surprise it only stung for about 30 minutes and it did not swell up to the size of a quarter like it normally would back in Houston, TX.

Did you have any trouble getting to Tortola?

Amy: Some. We missed two ferries to get here, so we took a water taxi from a man named Bradley, but it turned out fine. Cowboy Bradley got us to the West End safely where Lindy and Tony were waiting on us.

Jenn: Getting here was a bit stressful – our Delta plane was late getting into St. Thomas which made me start sweating bullets about missing the ferry. We finally landed at 4:15pm and the last ferry leaves St. Thomas for Tortola at 5pm. Since we had an agreement with Aunt Pam not to speak until there was bad news, we had no idea that one of the ferry docks would not be running the 5pm ferry. Our luck didn’t hold, and our taxi driver drove us to the ferry not running that night. We were then stuck taking more tourists to their hotel before we could continue our trip to the other ferry dock. When we got to the other ferry dock, I jumped out and started flailing my arms wildly as I watched the ferry pull away from the dock. I could not believe it – I was a bit stunned to feel so completely out of control of how my day was going. I have since learned that this is just “island life.” And island life necessitates that you be able to roll with the punches. But rolling with the punches was hard when it meant we were out $375 for a one way trip to Tortola. I kept thinking of all the little things that delayed us ever so slightly that added up to spending $375 and wondering how I could have prevented it. Nothing is done fast here and especially when you’re in a rush things seem to go at a glacial pace.

Lindy: These girls were real troupers! They remained calm and level-headed as they tried to negotiate their way though such a stressful experience. I think we all learned the importance of turning on one’s phone when traveling, just in case!


What did you do when you weren’t on the beach?

Amy: When we weren’t on the beach, we went to the school, walked and drove around the island, went to dinner and watched the sunset.

Jenn: On Friday we got to visit Lindy and Tony’s school, Cedar International. There we spent some time with the pre-kindergarten class in the Library reading them story books. They were rambunctious and eager to get their voice heard in regards to what they would rather do as I read aloud “Would you rather…”

Saturday we enjoyed a hike around Sage Mountain. There, we found the unimpressive peak of Tortola. No lookout spot, no clearing; merely a bit of concrete holding an inch worth of metal piping that had once held a sign to mark the spot. The hike was enjoyable, but it was decidedly lacking of lookout points – only a couple on the whole trail, one of which we could not even get up to because there were a bunch of taekwondo kids using it to do their moves.

We were bummed to have to work several of the days Amy and Jennifer were here, but are glad they came to see us.

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3 Responses to An Interview with Jennifer and Amy

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    Sounds like a great time was had by all! The picture of the girls being delivered to Tortola is PRICELESS!! (well, I guess it did have a price!) But, due to the fact that an overnight in St. Thomas along with a couple meals and add in the first leg of the ferry the next day I think it all went the best way! Lindy – you were such a great help being familiar with the taxi. I had you in one ear and Jennifer in the other. Home phone on one ear and cell on the other!!
    I am so proud of Jennifer and her coolness under pressure!!
    Love, Aunt Pam/Mom

  2. Beth Schuurmans says:

    Wow Texas girls, good job keeping it together! That is a priceless picture! I’m sure stay was worth it!!

  3. Jennifer McNicoll says:

    It was a true adventure! Thanks so much, Lindy and Tony, for being such lovely hosts! Amy and I had a wonderful time exploring the island and Virgin Gorda. 🙂

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