Anniversary Stay-cation

There are so many amazing things about living in the Caribbean, but one of them has got to be that our Stay-cation options are top notch. People spend thousands of dollars to go to places that are just minutes away from our house. Plus, we usually get a discount. That’s pretty cool.

Thursday, the 25th of April, 2012, marked 4 years of marriage for Tony and myself, so we decided to take advantage of one such Stay-cation spot in North Sound, Virgin Gorda.


A little before 8am on Saturday we arrived at Trellis Bay on Beef Island to take the North Sound Express boat to Virgin Gorda. It was a cloudy day, but we were just happy to get off one rock and be on our way to another! To our surprise, we were the only people on the boat, until we made it to VG, and it left early!


The North Sound Express took us to the Bitter End Yacht Club, so we snapped this photo as we waited for the Saba Rock boat to come over and pick us up.


Saba Rock is a teeny, tiny island in North Sound, and I have been enamoured with it since we first saw it a year and a half ago. The entire island is this big restaurant and little, tiny hotel – just eight rooms. Since we’re cheap, we booked the smallest room in the whole place, the Grenada Room, but it was a lovely little thing.


The first thing we did was sit down and enjoy a little Anniversary Cake. Those of you who were with us last year know that every year on our anniversary I get Tony a cake to make up for the one he didn’t get on our wedding day. I made last year’s cake, in all of it’s lopsided goodness. That was not going to happen again. So, this is the little one we picked up from RiteWay.

It was delicious. (Don’t worry! We didn’t eat the whole thing at once! Instead we spread it out over our stay – a slice for breakfast, one after lunch, then one after dinner, and the final pieces just before check-out the next day!) Anyway, after a little cake, we went out to explore the grounds around the island, which were gorgeous. It was still rainy and cloudy though, so I retook them the next morning, which was a perfect day!

The front of Saba Rock is all the restaurant, so if you only go there for dinner, you’d never know about the tropical garden in the back. They also have three pet parrots who live back in the garden, and this is where most of the rooms are.


Here’s the garden from another angle. From back here you can’t hear any of the restaurant noise out front, just the ocean, the breeze, and the parrots.


This deck is a recent addition out back, and a good one, in my opinion! When sitting here, you can see Necker Island to the left, playground to the very rich and famous, Bitter End Yacht Club, playground to the regular rich : ), and the open ocean!


Just in front of the room we stayed in was a little man-made beach. I would sit and look at it for awhile, trying to memorize those gorgeous shades of turquoise and blue.


Then, of course, there was Tony’s favourite part – the hammock! They had three of these all lined up, and Tony spent a lot of time laying in one and reading.


In fact, laying around reading is pretty much how we spent the whole first day!


By the way, this is the Saba Rock Ferry boat. How cute is that?!


That afternoon we wandered out to the restaurant for their 4-6pm Happy Hour. Each evening at 5:00 the staff at Saba Rock feed the fish, and the tarpon begin to gather around the dock about 4:30. They know there’s food a-coming!


At one point, the guy took a big long fish skin, tied a knot in it, and swung it just above the water. We saw three or four fish shoot into the air to get ahold of that prize!


Saba also has a large fish tank just outside the restaurant, and 5:00 is feeding time for the fish who live there as well. It was harder to take photos of them, because the tank is shaded, but I was able to capture the Moray Eel and the massive star fish!


Saturday morning we awoke to a beautiful sunrise! We are used to beautiful sunsets on the West side of the island, but Saba is about as far East as you can go, so we sat on the beach to watch for awhile. Then we went back to bed for a couple hours. It was 6am after all. On our vacation.


The rest of the day was spent much like the first one: lots of lounging and reading.

20130501-215231.jpg Tony finished The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and I finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, both of which we thoroughly enjoyed.


Then it was time to head back over to The Bitter End Yacht Club for lunch and a Couple’s Massage. The massages were not in the original Anniversary Weekend plan, but we were sitting there on Saturday morning waiting for the Saba Rock boat and Tony was wooed by the 25% local discount. FABULOUS!


After that though, it was time to go back to Tortola. We were on Saba Rock for all of about 26 hours, but it was just what we needed to make this last push toward the end of the school year!


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2 Responses to Anniversary Stay-cation

  1. Nancy Kline says:

    Married 4 years already. Congratulations! Looks like you had a wonderful anniversary. I think it is so much fun to look at your pictures and we can say “We’ve been there.” That area was so beautiful. I am not sure if we can make it to’s a wee bit farther to travel. Have a good end of year at your school.

  2. Beth Schuurmans says:

    WOW what a vacation or better yet a stay-cation.Congratulations kids, 4 years?? I lost a year in there somewhere! The pictures are relaxing just looking at them, can’t imagine actually being there. You two are blessed!! Happy anniversary, thanks for sharing pics! Love you!

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