Date Night

Two years ago, as we were preparing to move here to Tortola, I was reading everything I could find about this place. I was surprised and pleased to learn that we would be able to see current movies. Then we arrived and learned that there are two types of movies that come to the BVI movie theatre: Tyler Perry and Shoot-em-up movies. As a result, we have seen all of 3 movies in the theatre in the last two years. Film number 3 was last week when we saw The Great Gatsby!

Knowing this would be our last trip to U.P’s (no, I don’t know what the U stands for or what the P owns, but I have wondered many times : ), we splurged for the VIP tickets. The whole first row of the balcony was plush, reclining seats. A few minutes after getting settled, a theatre employee brought us our complimentary popcorn and drinks. After the usual single preview for an upcoming release, the movie began!

It was wonderful to get to see a movie where I didn’t have to cover my eyes every ten minutes to avoid the gore! And besides that, it was just a great movie!

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1 Response to Date Night

  1. Beth Schuurmans says:

    looks like a great movie night!!!

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