Mail and Taxes

Most of the mail we receive here is sent to the school’s address on St. John. Cedar keeps a PO box in the USVI so that it’s easier to receive mail and packages from the US. However, when we submitted our paperwork for our 2011 taxes, we had to use the local BVI address.

The United States expects all its citizens to file tax returns, even those living abroad. As long as we’ve lived outside the US for more than 330 days in the year, we are not required to pay US federal taxes (up to a certain income limit, which we are very far from!). However, we only resided outside the US for part of 2011. As a result we had to file for an extension (to get us to the 330 days mark so our BVI earnings would be exempt), and we figured we’d better use an address outside the US if we were claiming we shouldn’t have to pay US taxes for a part of our income. Phew, just typing this my brain is starting to jumble! Luckily, Tony took care of all of this. So, he sent off for our extension, but he never got anything back. Of course, we didn’t pay anything on tax day because we were just assuming our extension had been approved. Tony filed our official paperwork once we’d been here 330 days and we figured the IRS would let us know if something was wrong.

Well, we finally received the notice that our extension had been approved! Yesterday. That’s right. It took over a year to get here. Wait, I guess that’s not really true. It WAS here on Tortola. See that stamp? MISSENT to Tortola!

I’ve heard about other such mail-related mishaps, but this was the first one that happened to us. It’s a good thing that wasn’t a refund check they were sending! Then I might not have found it so funny.

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