St. Croix on a Seaplane!

Remember when we were coming back to Tortola after Christmas and we saw the seaplane? I thought it was so cool. Well, this weekend I got to ride in one! Here’s the story:

We weren’t expecting to do much more traveling within the Caribbean after our weekend on the catamaran (It was awesome – more details on that soon, I hope!), so I was a little surprised when Tony suggested we go to St. Croix. There are three main islands in the USVI (St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix), and it was the only one we hadn’t been to yet. Well, some long-time friends of Tony’s were going to be visiting St. Croix, so we decided to join them for the weekend. Plus, we would get to take the seaplane to get there!

We caught a boat from West End to St. Thomas at 7am, and it arrived EARLY!

We cleared customs in the US quickly and easily, then walked the 20 feet or so over to Seaborne, which operates a seaplane straight from downtown St. Thomas.

They put us on the next plane leaving, which was about an hour and a half before our scheduled flight, without us even asking! About 10 minutes later we saw the plane come in for landing, and about 10 minutes after that we were boarding!

Growing up as Dad’s copilot, I’ve always had an interest in aeronautics, and despite a few years where I was afraid to fly, have really enjoyed soaring through the clouds. I have always wanted to ride in a seaplane though. The idea of landing on water is just amazing, isn’t it?! Look how excited I was!

My seat was right behind the cockpit, so I spent most of the flight looking at the instruments and watching the pilots push buttons and pull levers. Then they put the plane on auto-pilot and the pilot started doing a crossword puzzle! It made me think of when Dad and I would play Trouble or the Box Game mid-flight! The best part was coming in for the landing! I had the same view the pilots did, so I saw the land, then the water, rushing past us as we zoomed toward the “runway” in the sea. We were coming in so fast, but there wasn’t even a bump when we landed on the water. I wish I’d had the camera at that point, but Tony had it in the back and snapped some photos for me.

I could hardly stop grinning the whole 20 minute flight – it was just so cool! Look at me getting off the plane!

Tony was laughing at me, saying I’d probably be happy if that was all we did this weekend. I think he would have been right, had I not been looking forward to seeing our friends! More on the rest of the weekend to come later this week!

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4 Responses to St. Croix on a Seaplane!

  1. Beth and Bob says:

    Oh my how very exciting!!! YOU always were brave when it came to flying kiddo!! I admire your excitment and enthusiasm!!!

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    That’s very cool!!! So glad you got to experience that! And can’t wait to hear about St. Croix, too!
    Very funny about the cross word puzzle. Used to bug me that you and Dad would play a game while the plane was flying itself!!
    Love you lots-

  3. Mike McNicoll says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Can I go next time?

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