St. Croix

Despite taking the ferry and the seaplane, we still made it to our hotel on St. Croix by 9:30 in the morning! Ashley, Jon, Tabi, and baby Elijah joined us not long afterward. Then Ashley, Jon, and Tony went off scuba diving for the afternoon, which left Tabi and me to lounge around the hotel beach and pool for the afternoon with the baby!

Here are some photos from their dive with N2 the Blue Divers.



That evening we stayed at our hotel, Sandcastle on the Beach, for dinner at their beachside restaurant. We had a great time with our server, and friend of Ashey’s mom who lives on St. Croix, Bruno. He took a picture of all of us.

Then he took a picture of himself.

Then he told us about his mad sand castle making skills, even passing around pictures from his iPhone.

Bruno also proposed that he and Ashley make a baby together, texting Ashley’s mom to let her know the good news. It was a riot! So, there was good conversation, great food, and a lot of laughter! Toward the end of dinner, the baby woke up for a little while and Tony got some Eli-time.


The next day was a beach day! We started at Pier 69 in Frederiksted for a delicious breakfast and amazing cinnamon rolls.


Then we packed up all the baby gear for our day at the beach. For such a little guy, Elijah had a lot of stuff! A friend of Ashley’s mom’s brought her SUP boards as well, so we taught Ashley, Tabi, and John how to SUP.

We got to spend a lot of time with the baby!!

And the Pack’n’Play allowed the baby to nap in the comfortable breeze with the shade of a towel so Mom and Dad could spend some time in the water.

The beach also provided some stellar people watching!

Not only was that guy’s ensemble entertaining, but we also got to watch a fellow be rescued from his little sailboat (very little – like the ones the kids learn to sail on) by two jet skis!

Monday was our last day on St. Croix, but everyone was a little beached out after our long day in the sun. So we decided to drive through the rain forest on our way to Christiansted. Along the way we stopped at the Montpellier Domino Club, home of the beer drinking pigs. Thanks to the St. Croix travel channel, we knew that the original beer drinking pig had passed a few years ago, and these pigs prefer non-alcoholic brews. We stopped at the bar for some drinks ourselves. I tried Mama Wanna, an herb and honey infused rum concoction for which the bar is also known.


Then it was time to see the pigs! They had their own enclosure just across the drive from the bar, and as soon as the lady opened the door we could hear (and smell!) them. Tony and Jon were the only ones brave enough to actually give the pigs the O’Douls, which they shook and carefully set in the massive pig mouths. Yes, that’s my dear husband’s hand right next to that pig mouth! See how gingerly he’s setting that beer into it?

That was one happy pig… and two slightly freaked out guys!

We spent a total of about 12 minutes at The Domino Club, but we were all glad we stopped for such a unique experience!


The next couple hours were spent walking around the shops in Christensted and eating another delicious St. Croix meal, but then it was time for us to go.

We loaded back into the seaplane and took off for St. Thomas, thankful for another great weekend! Goodbye St. Croix!


Jon, Tabi, and Ashley – Thanks for letting us crash your vaca!

PS – I spent all weekend holding that adorable baby boy, and there’s not a single picture! What is that about?!?

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  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    Your trip sounds wonderful! And let Tony know that he looked quite relaxed with babe in arms. I am just making an observation. And I am kidding around!! No Grandbabies until I get a pink Cadillac or maybe wait until I get the Escalade!!

    Pam McNicoll, Director with Mary Kay – Enriching Women’s Lives!

    Individually we’re great, Together we are UNSTOPPABLE!

    Pink Cadillac – here we come!

    On Jun 9, 2013, at 7:06 PM, Our Teach-Abroad Adventure wrote: Lindy Snethen posted: “Despite taking the ferry and the seaplane, we still made it to our hotel on St. Croix by 9:30 in the morning! Ashley, Jon, Tabi, and baby Elijah joined us not long afterward. Then Ashley, Jon, and Tony went off scuba diving for the afternoon, which left T”

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