So, I may have had (read definitely did have) my first moving-related meltdown the other night… We’re three weeks from leaving island and I’m getting nervous about selling our car and the boat. We ordered some car parts from the states to fix up the truck a little bit to make it more attractive to buyers, but they didn’t arrive when we thought they would, which pushed the repairs back and tripled the cost of the parts. If we can sell both vehicles for close to our asking prices, we’ll have no problem financing our time at home this summer and the move to Cyprus. If we don’t, things will be frighteningly tight. Poor Tony had to endure my hysterical sobs and incoherent, worried ramblings the other night as we got ready for bed!

Plus, we’re doing a lot of apartment searching right now. Apparently Cyprus is a lot more willing to work ahead than Tortola was! However, it means a lot of relying on other people’s opinions and hoping that photos are truthful, since we’ll have to fork over a lot of cash without ever seeing the place we have rented, until we get there. It will be incredible to have everything figured out before we arrive, and I’m happy to be able to make these kinds of decisions in advance… but that doesn’t take away the stress involved!

Hence the breakdown.

I’m very blessed to have such a great man by my side, assuring me that everything will be okay. In fact, the day after my meltdown Tony re-listed the truck on Facebook, called the shop about the boat, and we had several bites by the end of the day. People interested doesn’t mean a definite sale, but it certainly helps to lift my spirits!


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4 Responses to Breakdown

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    Yes, you are very blessed to have Tony and he is blessed to have you!
    And you were very gracious not to mention the reason the parts did not arrive when expected!
    I have forgotten to take of things now and then, but forgetting to take care of that project tops them all!
    Trips to Chilpolte are on me, as well as trips to Olive Garden all through July!!
    Love you both and can’t wait until July 3!!!

  2. Mama McNicoll is right (minus the spelling of Chipotle). Try to enjoy the last few weeks out there! Take it from a guy who also got to spend some time there and not since…you’ll miss it no matter where you are sometimes.

  3. Jami says:

    I’m sure glad that you married the right guy! 🙂

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