Sorry about that little blip yesterday! The kiddo who posts homework on our class website each day accidentally picked the wrong blog. Oops!

**Note: This is not Tony, but it’s a cool pic I found on the web!

For a long time now, Tony has heard about this great dive site called Chikuzen (Chick-ooze-en). The Chikuzen was apparently a refrigeration boat that was set aflame in St. Martin with the goal of sinking it. (More info here.) Somehow though, the ship made it all the way to the BVI (about 70 miles!) and it was still going! Afraid that the boat would run aground, people went out to sink the thing for good. Now, about 30 years later, the Chikuzen is a great dive site because it’s one of the only places for sealife to thrive between Tortola and Anegada. The ship is still very much intact, and it is covered in coral! Because of its location and the amount of small sea life the coral supports, this is a prime spot for large sea animals.

Chikuzen is a very rare dive to make because the open water can be quite rough. Last week Tony had a chance to make this dive!

This is a view of the ship itself.

Here’s a spotted moray eel. The dive masters are trying to teach the eels to eat the lion fish, which is that spiny thing on the left. Lion fish are not not native to the Caribbean, so they have no natural predators here, and they are destroying the ecosystem! Tony has seen some eels actually eat the dead lion fish that the dive masters offer them, but this guy wasn’t hungry.

Tony said this stingray was at least 6 feet wide and just laid on the bottom watching all these foreign creatures swimming in its waters.

Apparently there were lots of these mean looking guys too – barracudas! Big ones, Tony says! I’m glad I wasn’t there!

And this one’s a little out of focus, but I was amazed at the colours! We never see colour that bright under water!


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2 Responses to Chikuzen

  1. Beth and Bob says:

    WOW uncle Bob will be very envious of this dive! Cool,once again thanks for sharing!!

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    So glad you had a chance to make this dive!! Amazing!!

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