Change in Plans

Many years ago, I sang a song at church that went like this:
“Things change, plans fail
You look for love on a grander scale
Storms rise, hopes fade
And you place your bets on another day
When the going gets tough
When the ride’s too rough
When you’re just not sure enough
Jesus will still be there
His love will never change
Sure as the steady rain
Jesus will still be there…”

It’s a beautiful song by Point of Grace, and I’ve had it in my head all week. Sometimes that kind of inspiration comes around when you need it most. You see, last week Tony and I found out that we won’t in fact be going to Cyprus for next school year.

It was shocking and painful to learn that our plans would be changing, especially as it puts us at a major disadvantage in terms of finding work as teachers when we get home. Most of all though, we were looking forward to a different international experience to compare to the one we’ve just had. So, there’s definitely a part of me mourning that loss.

However, neither of us are particularly pained to lose Cyprus itself, so we’ve tried to view this shift as a positive. For some reason, God must not want us to be in Cyprus. We weren’t listening to the subtle hints (the lack of response from school people when we emailed them, the delays in completing our lease agreement, the massive financial meltdown… : ) so God smacked us upside the head instead! Well, we’ve gotten the message now!

We don’t know what our next steps will be, or what grander plan is in store for us. We’re going home for the summer and will see what crops up once we get there. Maybe we will be hired by schools, maybe we’ll seek work outside of education, maybe we’ll work our tails off for the next six months and will take off on an around-the-world trip! Who knows!?! The possibilities are endless in a way we’ve never really known before. I do know though, that we’ll face it all together.

I also don’t know what this will mean for the blog… I can’t imagine musings of a substitute teacher in Olathe, KS will be interesting to anyone… if that’s what we end up doing. We have a few more days of island life that I’ll happily share, then we’ll play it by ear!

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5 Responses to Change in Plans

  1. Megan says:

    Lindy, something bigger and better is coming for you and Tony. I just know it. I will be thinking of you and sending many prayers your way. Selfishly I can’t wait to see you when you arrive back in KC. Text, call, email or Facebook so we can hook up!!!

  2. olsonrobin says:

    I am so sorry for the abrupt change in plans! Whatever awaits, God will be leading you all the way. Enjoy the island life while you can! I’ll be praying for you both.

  3. Debbie Cooley says:

    I am so sorry! Having just experienced your wonderful island life, I can really appreciate how much you were looking forward to Cyprus. I admire your positive attitude and strong faith and know that God will put you in the right place. Ironically, I just learned yesterday that a teacher hired for our building has had to resign because her husband has been unexpectedly transferred to the northwest so openings do occur late in the season. Olathe would be lucky to have you back:) Hope you can enjoy your last few days on the island.

  4. Mike McNicoll says:


    I love you and Tony. Good things happen to/for good people. You and Tony are good people. I am excited to see what good/great things happen next in your lives. Sometimes life throws you a lemon. When it does, you always seem to make fabulous lemonade. I am very proud of both of you.



  5. Pam McNicoll says:

    Loved your words- they describe so well your feelings. And as you know, I am beyond proud of your approach to this shift! I have no doubt things happen for a reason and I for one am looking forward to your next chapter! I am also just plain dang excited to pick you up at the airport on Wednesday night!!
    Much love to you both-

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