Out on the Water

Our second to last weekend was spent soaking up the sun with friends here in the BVI. On Saturday we went on one last Voyage Daysail!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, you just can’t beat a day out on the water! However, we have not had the greatest weather lately. Saturday started pretty sunny, but there is always a 30% chance of scattered showers, and we headed right into one about 20 minutes after pulling out of Soper’s Hole. One thing I love about the weather here, is you can totally see it coming. So, we’re all sitting on the boat, watching as we get closer and closer to this mass of rainfall. Daysail boats have a large covered area, but they’re completely open, which allows guests to have great views and easy access to all parts of the deck… it’s not much protection from the rain though. The captain and his first mate tried to get the window covers on, but they’re used so infrequently, the first mate didn’t know how to zip it on! Needless to say, we were soaked! The boat was bobbing on the waves as the rain poured in. It lasted about 8 minutes, then we were back in the sunshine and were dry within the half hour – pretty awesome!

Just after we came through the squall, we all noticed something small bobbing up and down in the water ahead of us. We were peering out the windows and trying to figure out what object that small would be in the middle of the channel. Then we realized it wasn’t an object – it was a man! In fact, it was one of my student’s dads SUPing the channel! The water was rough and we applauded as he paddled up a wave and practically surfed down its other side.

Our daysail went to The Caves on Norman Island, and it was a great snorkel! We just received our underwater camera back after being repaired, so we were able to catch some great photos! Just off the boat I spotted this beautiful Spotted Eagle Ray. I think these might be my new favourite animal – they are gorgeous! Regular Sting Rays just sort of glide along the surface and their bodies are sort of rigid. Spotted Eagle Rays, though, are much more flexible and their sides look like wings flapping through the water. They have super long, straight tails that follow along as the glide through the water. Tony and I followed this one for about 10 minutes, and Tony snapped several pictures.

I was really hoping to find the octopus that Tony has seen at The Caves before, but he wasn’t out that day. We did see this barracuda sitting around and waiting for a meal. Check out those teeth!

I had to fix these up a bit in Photoshop, but since I was so close to the surface, there was lots of light for this photo.

And about a thousand of these little fish swam by as I was trying to take their picture.

Tony even got a photo of me from below – look at that wild hair!


On Sunday, after a little more packing (nearly done!), we spent the afternoon at another teacher’s house for a little pool party.

I can’t believe we only have one more week here!

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1 Response to Out on the Water

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    Makes me want to jump on a plane for a quick visit! Tell Gemma and Matt I said goodbye!!
    Love, Mom

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