It’s hard to believe that this was our last weekend in the BVI! The party started early on Friday. I said my final goodbyes to the kids and to my classroom. (It looked so sad and depressing wrapped up for hurricane season.)


This was my farewell from the kids at Cedar. Each kiddo decorated a petal and some wrote cute little goodbye messages!


After we all checked out and picked up our cheques (UK spelling), it was off to Village Cay for a celebratory lunch!


We also said goodbye to Kwanga, the pizza lady at The Watering Hole. She was very sad to see us go – how sweet!!

Saturday we said goodbye to our friends Doug and Kathy, fondly known as The Boat People. They were such an incredible help in preparing us for our move and helping us settle in once we arrived. We will surely miss them!

A final trip to Cane Garden Bay and Tony’s (formerly Stanley’s) met us with a surprisingly raucous afternoon. The Lashing Dogs, the BVI’s territorial band and big shots of the BVI, were playing just off the beach! It turns out the event was actually a funeral for one of the Cane Garden Bay bar owners! They were surely celebrating life!


Sunday Morning we met our friends Nick, Zach, Sarah, and Margie, fondly known as “The East Enders,” at The Tamarind Club for brunch. Tony and Margie each ordered The Geronomelet: a 4 egg omelet! In each case, the omelet won.


After brunch we went out to Trellis Bay with the ladies for coffee. We each walked away with a little goody – a scarf for me, presents for parents for Sarah, and a pineapple for Margie.


On Monday, Gemma and I decided to say farewell in style. Last week we had attended one last Women Who Wine event at the Scrub Island Spa. As always, it was a lovely evening filled with delicious food and wine, great conversations, and lots of laughter. Near the end of the evening they called the names for the drawings, then they made one final announcement. Emily, the delightful woman who runs the spa, called me up to receive a little going away gift. I thought it was beyond sweet for them to give me the little travel set of gorgeous smelling lotions and body gel. Then I opened the card and found a 60 Minute Spa Service Certificate! My jaw dropped at that generosity. Thus, Gemma and I ended up at the spa on Monday for the most amazing massage/body scrubs! Here’s the fabulous Emily herself:

And here are Gemma and myself lounging by the pool after our treatments.


It had been hard to say goodbye to so many friends, and to such a beautiful place. But, we still had one more day on island to enjoy!


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