First Class Farewell

Well, our car had been sold and all our bags were packed. We’d said farewell to all our friends and were ready to leave our beautiful island home. There was only one thing left to do when the fridge had been emptied and so had our bellies – one final trip to Cruzin for dinner!

We were blessed with one final Caribbean sunset, which we hadn’t seen for several weeks, while we waited for our meal.

Since it was our last chance to do so, we splurged and went for the lobster! Look at my lobster of a husband (due to time spent on the diving boat that morning) eating lobster!


Then it was early to bed, as the next day would be long!

All went well with the transportation of our suitcases. A friend took us to the ferry dock. From there we took the ferry and a taxi, as expected, then got a porter to help us make it the rest of the way with our 6 suitcases and 4 carry-on bags.


Our flight left about 4:30pm, and I have to say, First Class is amazing! Tony had more than enough leg room, and the flight attendant just kept coming by with mini bottles of water, then with drinks, then warm towels to clean our hands! Next came more bottles of water, and finally, after-dinner snacks!

20130710-182616.jpg The cloth on top of my book was the placemat that was put out before dinner.

Speaking of dinner:

20130710-182717.jpg Wow!

Tony felt he could get used to this kind of treatment… I told him he’d better not, as I doubt we’ll ever have this kind of a chance again!

By the end of the day (Really the next day – it was 1am!) we were sore and tired, despite the considerably more comfortable seats than we would usually have, and very glad to see my Mom and Dad at the airport.

Hello Kansas City! We’re back!

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2 Responses to First Class Farewell

  1. Beth and Bob says:

    Welcome back kids. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    First – the lobster looked amazing,the sunset stunning, the suitcases- crazy but the best sight of all was seeing YOU and Tony at the airport in Kansas City-
    Love that you had an experience of a lifetime and love more that you are home!
    Love you lots-

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