Ok, we’ve been home exactly 3 weeks today, and there’s been a lot going on!

Week One:

One of the first things that happened when we returned to Kansas City was I left for a weekend away with the girls! Monica flew in from Colorado, Amy flew in from Atlanta, and Emilee drove us down to Springfield for a quiet weekend at a B&B!

We stayed at the Walnut Street Inn, an old Victorian house and carriage house on a gorgeous street filled with other cool houses. Who knew the town of Springfield would be so cool? We walked around the downtown area for their First Friday art walk, got pedicures together, and did a lot of sitting and chatting. One night we got real dorky and did an Old Wives Tale baby gender test with a pencil, needle and string.

20130725-073815.jpg It was accurate with the gender of Monica and Em’s first babies, but we’ll have to wait awhile to see about the rest!

Oh, we also did a lot of eating! There were some fabulous restaurants in the downtown area, including a creperie called The Aviary. It was incredible. We shared delicious savory crepes with blackened shrimp and one with chicken and pesto. For dessert we split 3 sweet crepes between the four of us, then we practically had to roll ourselves back to the Inn. I think I’ve definitely found a new stopping point for the route between here and Branson (which is a trip my Mom LOVES to make!)

This was breakfast one morning at the B&B!


While I was away with the girls, Tony kept quite busy! He found himself a truck, which was just what he was looking for, and a job building decks, wood floors, and bathrooms! He didn’t waste any time and started work that Monday. We also bought a car for me that week. It only took 2 days of sharing the truck to realize that one vehicle just wasn’t a viable lifestyle choice here!

Week Two:

Then it was time for Tony to go off on his Boys’ Baseball Trip. I don’t have any pictures of them as they left at 4:30 in the morning and they don’t seem to do the whole picture thing very well. The 5 fellas drove first to St. Louis to pick up Jon’s Mom’s mini van (Yeah! Rocking the Mini Van!) before heading off to Chicago, then to Detroit and Cleveland to take in the baseball games. They also stopped at Cedar Point Amusement Park to try all the incredible roller coasters there.


Something unexpected came up that second week too when Tony received an email from a local school principal asking him to come interview for a Language Arts position! Now, Tony had planned to take a little break from teaching and learn some home remodeling and deck building skills, but said he sure wouldn’t turn down a teaching job if it fell in his lap. How funny was it that one did! Tony went in for that first interview and received a call to come in for a second interview within just a few hours! The day of Interview #2 he received a call to go in and speak with HR, which is usually the step where you receive the final offer and sign the contract. So, Tony will be teaching 7th Grade Writing to about 125 kids at a middle school the next town over!

Week Three:
This week has been a tough one for me. I’ve been on several interviews (all for 1st grade positions, oddly enough), and with nothing panning out yet, the stress is getting to me a bit. I don’t know how people handle being unemployed over long periods of time! My stomach is just in knots all the time. If you’re a praying person, I could sure use some strength right now!

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4 Responses to Update

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    I know this is a time of uncertainty, but know that prayers are being said and that all will work out for good!
    I was happy for you to being going to Cyprus as I knew what an adventure you both would be having. But now that you are home I must say I like that much more!
    All will be great Lindy. You are both handling all this shifting in your lives better than I would have ever done at your ages!
    Love you lots-

  2. margie says:

    We are all missing you both in the BVI, I will never forget your ability to include people and support everyone. There will be an unfillable gap here for us. Congratulations on settling in so well, and life is unfolding as it does beautifully

  3. Beth and Bob says:

    We pray for you every day sweetie, You know things will all work out for reasons we are unsure of, but they do! Take a breath, relax and the best will come. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Best of luck to you both. Huge transition, I am sure, but Happy for your opportunities! Love you!

  4. Gemma says:

    Hey Lindy! Some time with your family and friends at home is just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy the time, dont worry. Great news about Tony, he’ll have to put his deck building career on hold for now!. These challenges have a habit of sort themselves out in the end. Miss you xxx

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