When it Rains, it Pours!

For weeks people have been telling me not to worry, that things would come through for me. I was doing my best not to worry. I really was! I know you don’t believe me, but I promise I was trying. : ) Nonetheless, I was starting to feel a little desperate. I started applying for every job in education I could find, including aide positions and elementary Spanish jobs (laughable, I know!). I applied for positions for which I was SO overqualified that they didn’t even have a place to list my Master’s Degree because they just assumed that no one with an MA would apply for this job! After several interviews (all those 1st grade ones) I landed a long-term substitute position in a middle school. I was actually kind of excited about it! Everyone I know who teaches middle school loves it: short classes, few preps, double the plan time of primary teachers… a year of subbing might be good for me, I started to think. However, it still killed me to look at the classroom worth of teaching materials and books that’s filling half our basement, not to mention the half a salary I’d be missing out on. I kept searching for something elementary and full time.

Then last week I started a job at a clothing store, just part time. I worked at this store a few years ago. Those of you who always tell me what great clothes I have – most of them are from that store and were purchased at 1/2 off (which is why I have so many of them!) Having been in the Caribbean for two years, I have very few winter clothes left, so I need to work for clothes! Anyway, I started work there last week and when I got off my first shift there was a missed call from a local phone number. I called it back, and it was a school in a neighboring district! That evening I had a slam dunk (Tony really likes it when I try to use sports terminology… apparently I’m not very good at it?) interview and was asked to come in the following Monday to speak with the principal face to face.

The in-person interview went just as well, and I was feeling pretty good about my prospects in this district. Then the surprise came. The head of elementaries (this woman overseas all 34 schools that serve primary students) for our home district called me and said she could offer me a contract with them! She didn’t yet know what grade level it would be, as she was still waiting for some numbers. Picking my jaw up off the floor, I immediately accepted!

About a half hour later I got another call, this one from the neighboring district offering me the position I’d interviewed for earlier that day! See what I mean about pouring rain? Five weeks with nothing, just to get two job offers within an hour. I couldn’t believe it… but I do know who to thank for it! I am so humbled by the outpouring of support, prayer, and willingness to serve as references from you all, not to mention a very special agent on the ground (You know who you are!). Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Life is good!

There have been some other big things in the works lately (I’m not pregnant! Stop asking! : ) that I hope to share with you soon as well. I’m thinking I’d like to keep the blog to chronicle them… it’s just such a great journalling opportunity for me. However, I won’t have the same beautiful ocean scenery to share with you, so I totally understand if you want to stop following!

The face of this blog will be changing soon, but the adventures continue!!

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4 Responses to When it Rains, it Pours!

  1. olsonrobin says:

    Congratulations! What a great example of waiting on The Lord! The district is lucky to have you:)

  2. Peggy Kaiser says:

    Congratulations. I hope you end up where I think you might.

  3. Beth and Bob says:

    Congratulations honey! You were patient and were rewarded. SO happy for You, Tony and Erica. You are all such wonderful young adults with tons to offer and you are all being rewarded for your Faith and Hard Work !! Please keep the blog going, WE LOVE IT!

  4. Becky Waters says:

    Congratulations, Lindy Lou!!! I’m so happy for you, and look forward to hearing what comes next!!!

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