A New Hobby

During my erratic blogging of late, I have alluded to the fact that certain things were in the works, but I wasn’t able to give any details. I think it’s now safe to let the cat out of the bag: In addition to three new jobs (clothing store and school for me, school for Tony) we’ve been spending our rare spare moments house hunting! Before we even left the BVI, totally on a whim, Tony looked online for houses in our area and we contacted a teacher friend/realtor to show us a few places. When we first went to the bank to look into getting a loan, neither of us even had jobs! Tony’s was all but finalized, but I still didn’t have anything but interviews and optimism.

Nonetheless, with the help and gentle nudging of our fabulous agent, we persevered and are now just a few days away from closing on the kind of house Tony and I have always dreamed of but never thought we could have!

This is the picture from the listing, but the rest of the photos have been taken down. I’ll post some soon!

This house will certainly keep us busy! In light of the fact that it’s 123 years old, I’m thinking of renaming the blog “Our Old House Adventure,” but I’m open to other suggestions!

Thus my new hobby: furniture refinishing! I actually started my first piece over the summer.

This pretty little lady was a part of my childhood bedroom set and has been sitting in our basement for a couple years.

The top piece lifts up like a cedar chest, so I knew that top drawer front was a false one. With Tony’s help I pried it off to open that space up for a TV stand.

Then I got all excited about paint stripping, sanding, staining, adding molding, and painting. I antiqued by distressing with a sander and rubbing stain over the paint. Finally, I added new feet and a few coats of polyacrylic. I was so excited I forgot to take any pictures of the process! I do have a phone photo of the finished product though.

It’s bright, yes, but I love it! The color reminds me of the bright blue that the Caribbean Sea turns just after a big swell has gone through, and it will add that pop of color that I need for my gray and blue color scheme in the house.

Tony… well, he’s skeptical… : )


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7 Responses to A New Hobby

  1. Beth and Bob says:

    Oh my, I am in tears. The home is absolutely gorgeous! I knew it was 123 years ols by never imagined the beauty. I have ALWAYS wanted a wrap around porch!! Can’t wait to help you move in and enjoy coffee on the portch!! Congratulations kids!

  2. Mary Guldan says:

    house is beautiful, cannot wait for interior views.
    the furniture piece you did…..to die for love it you are very talented

  3. Nancy Clewell says:

    Love the house and your refinishing talent! Can’t wait for the housewarming party and tour.

  4. Dad says:

    Lindy, I’m glad you have a new hobby but I’m not crazy about finding a new piece of old furniture in my garage every three or four days. How soon will you be able to move your new furniture into your 123 year old garage?

  5. Robin Olson says:

    Love the house, love the furniture, love both of you having better-than-hoped-for jobs! Life is good:)

  6. sabina says:

    Lindy, I loved it!!!! You definitely are artistic talented!!

  7. Pam McNicoll says:

    Can’t wait to rock on the porch swing!! First need to get you a porch swing!! My gift to you both!
    Love, Mom

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