Housewarming Party!

So, I’ve been a little sluggish getting the painting pictures posted… because it’s not all done yet. Tony’s parents were in town for a visit last weekend, and we went to see Wicked!! It was fabulous, as it always is!


Anyway, we were all busy hanging out and playing Catan, and I just don’t want to post before and after pictures until it’s really after.

The painting will continue this weekend though! And boy, does it look fabulous so far! I have a bunch of other projects that are partially done as well, and they have to be completed in the next couple weeks too, because we’re inviting people over!

open house invite for blogIf you’re here in town, we sure hope you’ll be able to join us! I didn’t put our address on here, but just send me a message or reply here for it. For those of you thousands of miles away, I’ll post a bunch of updated photos afterward for you!

Now off to sew 10 foot long curtains! I may be in over my head here… ; )


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1 Response to Housewarming Party!

  1. Beth and Bob says:

    How fun! Great invitation!! I can’t wait to see it, and you in december!! Have a fun party!

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