So this post has been in the making for what seems like ages! Just a couple weeks after moving into our house, Mom and I embarked upon the task of redecorating the living and dining rooms. Who knew that this project would take so long! It looks awesome though and was totally worth the effort!

I wanted gray to be the predominant color in both rooms, but I also really wanted to set apart all the gorgeous trim detail in the dining room, so I chose three shades of gray. One shade was the base for the living room, a couple shades darker was for the dining room insets, and a shade lighter would set off the dining room stencil that I planned to use.

Mom and I started on the Friday after conferences. We attended the 9:30 yoga class to loosen up our painting muscles, then came home to get to work! As we were getting ready to start though, we realized there was still a lot of wall damage that needed to be repaired. Tony had spent the previous week fixing a lot of it… there was just so much damage! So most of that first day was devoted to mudding and sanding. It was a bummer! Toward the end of the day we decided we’d repaired as much as we could stand to repair, so we wiped everything down and pulled the brushes out anyway.

The next day brought reinforcements! Amy came by to help! I don’t know that she’ll ever do that again… she’s happy in this photo, but I don’t think she shared Mom and my’s determination to finish!

With the three of us though, we were able to work out a pretty good system. Mom climbed up on the scaffolding to do the edging around the ceiling – she’s a master at that. Amy did a lot of the big center sections, and I came back through for the corners and edges. While wall paint was drying we started on the molding and baseboards, covering over that nasty faux-woodgrain finish. By 5pm we had two coats of the the base color and two coats of the trim done (it took 4 coats in most places!), but we hadn’t finished the living room yet! Tears prickled my eyes thinking about how hard we’d worked already and how much there still was to do!

Mom, ever determined, declared that we could do it! She went in to edge around the trim and Amy painted the first coat. As that dried Mom climbed up on the scaffolding again to edge the ceiling. I climbed up there too and after she edged a section, I painted that chunk of wall with the paint pad. Amy and Tony zipped us around the room on the wheeled scaffolding. We’d never painted so ferociously, spending just a minute or two on each section, like mad women! Mom wondered aloud why we hadn’t painted with such zeal all day. Upon later reflection I decided that if we had, we would have collapsed from exhaustion by 2pm! Nonetheless, with everyone’s help, we finished the living room before Mom had to leave. Tony and Amy were very happy when I agreed that we could go to dinner!

That night and the next day we did some touch-ups in the dining room, but we did take a little time to relax. On Sunday Amy and I went to the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin, where we went to college.

Here’s a look at the finished living room from the dining room…

… and from the library.


It took another 4 weeks to finish the stencil in the dining room, working on and off around jobs, part time jobs, and relatives in town. It only really got finished because of the open house!

It sure is cool, isn’t it?!

I love how the three shades of gray pop against that creamy white!


Definitely a successful project!

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3 Responses to Painting!

  1. Heidi says:

    Lindy you are so talented! I think you have a 2nd calling as an interior designer!

  2. Beth and Bob says:

    EXQUISITE!!!! So beautiful,

  3. Vanessa says:

    Fantastic Lindy and Tony!! Congrats on the recent acquisitions of your new home!! Looks great, but then I didn’t expect anything less!!

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