Bathroom Update

In the car on the way to South Dakota, Tony and I were talking about our progress thus far in the house. We’ve lived there just about three and a half months now and have already redone the living room, dining room, and kitchen, started the library, and started the new bathroom upstairs. That’s a lot of work! Tony laughed as he pointed out that I’ve completed 3 rooms and he’s only partially completed 2 – I win! I reminded him, though, that his projects are a little LOT more involved than mine are! Besides, I’m always making him help me with mine anyway.

So, here’s a little update on the upstairs bathroom progress.

Since Tony had already sanded down and pulled up the floor boards where the bathroom was to be, he and Dad were able to run the plumbing for the new bathroom relatively easily. Behind this refrigerator was an old washer hookup, so hot and cold water were already there in the wall! All they had to do was extend those pipes up to the second floor. They also added a new drain, where that lath used to be, ran the drain through the cellar, and tapped it into the existing sewer pipes. Unfortunately, that whole section of wall in the kitchen is still missing, but it will be fixed eventually!


Upstairs they rerouted electricity, installed a light/fan combo, laid down new sub-flooring and cement board, built the frame for the wall, and put sheetrock up. From this angle you can see what the room looked like before:

And after they did all that:

Of course, the space I’m looking into will be all walled over sometime relatively soon, as that is where the shower will be.

Tony cut out a door into the little bedroom. As much as we would have liked to have this bathroom accessible from the hallway, it just wasn’t possible, so it will be the en suite for the little bedroom/office.


On Christmas morning, determined to finish the tiling before we left for South Dakota, Dad and Tony put in a hour of work.


That way they’d be ready to grout the tile and install the sink and toilet when we got back from SD.

Little did we know, instead of Santa, the Construction Fairy would come visit in our absence. This is what we came home to:

It’s not beautiful, yet, but there’s a lot of work here! That sink/vanity had to be moved from our bathroom, which meant disconnecting it from the pipes in the wall. Luckily, we’d turned off the water for the house at the main and cleared the pipes before we left town (it was supposed to be cold and we didn’t want frozen or burst pipes!) or we might have had a big problem. When Dad went to shut off the water at the vanity, the valve broke off! Dad did all the grouting as well, and set the toilet. Mom came over to prime the walls for painting. We won’t be ready for that step for a while, but it’s ready now!

We had no idea either of them had been working in the house while we were gone, so coming home it was quite a surprise! We didn’t notice right away though. At first we noticed little things that seemed off – the door mat was moved and the floor was dusty, the cellar door was open when I was sure Tony’d closed it (turns out he had), the heat was at 70 when we knew we’d turned it down for our absence. Then we went upstairs and found the surprise. By the time we called Dad he was already waiting outside in the cul-de-sac! He’d been in a real rush because we arrived back from South Dakota early and were headed straight over to Mom and Dad’s house for the Packer game and pizza. In order to enact his surprise, he had to high-tail it out of our house, so he didn’t have a chance to move everything back like he’d planned!

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1 Response to Bathroom Update

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    It was FUN surprising you both! I am so proud of all the work you are doing and the house is so beautiful and has the personality of both of you!!
    Love, Mom

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