Warming Up the Kitchen

So, it seems like the kitchen is going to be that room in our house that’s never really finished. Painting the cabinets and the walls made a massive difference in there, but it was still pretty cold. Of course, I mean that both figuratively and literally. It was REALLY cold in there, as those who have spent any time in my house could attest. That’s because we didn’t have any insulation. None. Just air between the sheetrock and the siding. Not even that thin plastic sheeting that’s supposed to be in there – nada. Why didn’t the people who took down the plaster and put up the sheetrock insulate at that time? Who knows. We find ourselves asking those kind of questions all the time!

Anywho, December’s well-below-freezing temperatures left our poor kitchen frigid and our precious pipes frozen. Yikes! Thus we called a company to blow in insulation. The three man crew was here for about 3 hours and their work resulted in a much warmer kitchen (yay!), but a lot of damage. I suppose little set-backs like that are to be expected in a house this old. Once the mudding, sanding, re-wallpapering, and re-painting was done, I could focus on warming up the kitchen figuratively by adding some decor to the walls.

A couple old drawers mounted on the wall make great spice racks. These might just be my favorite detail.

Of course, I really like that little shelf with the coffee mugs too, and I’m loving having a pantry! No more wire shelf with a shower curtain on it!

20140119-152202.jpg The pantry’s not quite done. I still need to sew the curtain for the bottom, and then I’ll do a post on the transformation that piece when through. I love my baking canisters up there too. They’re old orange juice bottles sprayed with chalkboard paint – super easy. I know I don’t have to worry about weevils and things laying their eggs in the flour anymore, like I did in Tortola! Gross! Taking baking materials out of their original packaging was a necessity there… and usually storing them in the freezer too so those eggs wouldn’t hatch. Here, though, it’s just cute!

A coat of chalkboard paint made a big difference for our refrigerator. Now if I could just find a good chalkboard eraser.

Those boxes above the refrigerator are just old diaper boxes (Thanks Brandon and Jancy!) covered in wrapping paper, but they make a great storage space for plastic containers and cups.

Even after 3 coats of paint on the fridge, I had enough left over to turn this old picture and frame…

… into this big chalkboard!

Hanging that baby was a bear! Our walls are modern sheetrock, but the rock was applied over the existing lath. Since there’s essentially a thin sheet of wood behind the walls, the stud finder gets super confused when you try to hang something. Tony picked a spot on the wall where he thought a stud might be and drilled holes every inch until he found it. Needless to say, he started in the wrong spot!

A few other details really round it out, including this lamp and basket of cook books on top of the deep freezer.

And I’m stoked about how this label for the door to the guest bath turned out!

When you look back at this kitchen’s development over the last few months, it’s pretty stunning! Of course, there’s still more to do, like move the fridge from behind the door and put sheetrock over the wall the boys plumbed, but I’m now feeling much more comfortable, literally and figuratively, in my cute little kitchen!

And I never tire of seeing the transformation that was made here:


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4 Responses to Warming Up the Kitchen

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    LOVE! I love all the little creative touches and repurposing.

  2. Beth and Bob says:

    I re-read this several times, in complete amazment!! You are incredible! The ideas are endless. Absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to see it in person. Enjoy!!

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