Table Transformation

Several months ago I found this little coffee table on Craigslist. I liked the claw feet, the fact that it came with a glass top, and the cheap price, but it took me several months to get around to deciding what to do with it. Then, one weekend I picked up a paint color I liked and got to work.


This project went so well, and so quickly, that I was too excited to remember to take pictures! Here’s the after shot though!

I primed the whole thing with heavy duty primer, then two coats of the blue paint on the bottom and black on the top. A quick sanding and a coat of stain distressed the fresh paint.

The veneer that had held the glass on at one time was long ago removed, so I was very glad to find this pressed metal that I could just nail in.

It’s a little short now for our new sofa, but I’m still a big fan of our new/old coffee table!

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2 Responses to Table Transformation

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    I love it!!! YOU are amazing and creative and so filled with ideas!!!
    Love, Mom

  2. Beth and Bob says:

    Incrediable! I have a few pieces I could use some work on! Please plan a trip to GB

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