And Another One Bites The Dust…

Before I begin this post, I have to say that I never thought toilets would become such a big part of my daily conversation!

Since we moved in, there has been trouble with the toilet in the downstairs half bath. It just never flushed very well, and every poor guest who had to use the bathroom worried that they’d broken it. I put up this cute little sign,

20140228-080910.jpg but people never really thought they had to hold the handle down that long. I don’t blame them. I’d feel like I broke it too, if I didn’t know better. So, we decided that with all that work going on upstairs, and the upstairs toilet all disconnected already anyway, that we’d move the one from upstairs that works perfectly well down into the half bath and get ourselves a new one for the master when it was time to install it.

Tony and Dad took the old one out with no problem. It currently resides on our back porch. Yes, we’ve entered a whole new class of people.


While disconnecting and moving everything, Tony noticed the floor was a little spongy. He peeled away some old linoleum and said the floor underneath him literally began to crumble into the cellar below! It’s a good thing I wasn’t home!

So, now, all three bathrooms in this house are under construction. If we haven’t invited you over for awhile, it’s nothing to do with you. We’re just waiting until one of our bathrooms has a floor, a door, and working fixtures so you can relieve yourself if necessary. Currently that’s 0 for 3!

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1 Response to And Another One Bites The Dust…

  1. Beth and Bob says:

    Oh dear you two are extremely patient! Good luck. I did love and appreciate the little sign though!!!

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