Keep Calm…

When I shared the new kitchen decor a few weeks back, I wasn’t really happy with the location of the big chalkboard. Since the frame was so heavy, it had to be attached to studs, which meant our placement options were limited.

So I’ve been on the lookout the last couple weeks for something else to add to that corner. Last night the inspiration came to me! I’ve loved the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters that are everywhere and have wanted to use that phrase somewhere. And when I researched the origin of the posters, I was even more compelled to use it! Apparently the British government printed 3 propaganda posters during WWII. They were all very simple – 1 color, the Edwardian crown, and simple white text. The “Keep Calm…” poster was put in reserve to be distributed after a particularly hard night of bombing. Somehow the posters were lost and were never used. A few years ago an English bookseller was opening a box of books from an estate sale and found one of the posters. His wife really liked it and hung it behind the cash register. Their customers commented on the image so much the book shop began selling reproductions. Over time the posters became a phenomenon with a life all their own, which brings us to my project.

I decided to use some of the lath that we’ve collected from our own walls to create my wall art piece, which meant choosing some pieces that were the same width.

Then I used the Miter Saw to cut the pieces all the same length. (Why don’t I put on some makeup before I start taking these pictures?)

Don’t worry, I turned the saw off before I snapped the photo.
Then I just used a sanding block to quickly sand down the rough wood.

Next I lined everything up and alternated the pieces so the colors would be interesting. To keep it all together I just used a hot glue gun! It was super easy.

At that point, I was already really pleased with what I had. The whole thing measured about 15 by 22 inches and looked awesome.

The hardest part was actually making the decal that would be painted on the front. It took a couple mistakes, but I learned a lot about how to use my new Silhouette Cameo electronic cutter! After finally figuring out how to print it correctly, I picked out all the little pieces and carefully peeled it from the paper backing.

Then it was time for a quick coat of paint and a movie with cousin Lissy while it dried!

After the movie I pulled out the stain. I started using my favorite dark walnut color, but didn’t like it, so I pulled out a lighter shade. The combination of the two colors turned out fabulously!

I’m just pleased as punch with it. And pleased with myself for doing the whole thing on my own without spending an extra dime. We already had all the materials! Now that corner looks really put together!

Update: This post has been linked up to the Make It and Love It blog!

Check it out here:

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3 Responses to Keep Calm…

  1. Heidi says:

    You are amazing! LOVE seeing all your creativity at work. Inspiration. 🙂

  2. Nancy Clewell says:

    That rake is clever and makes me grin! Love it!

  3. Beth and Bob says:

    You are amazing! It is absolutly beautiful wood. What a gorgeous addition, I WANT ONE! Love it!! And You!!

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