A Little Up-Cycle and A Link Party!

I’ve been searching around for one of those mason jar lotion dispensers. When I couldn’t find one at a price I deemed reasonable, my infinite cheapness kicked in and I started looking into making my own. Cutting that hole in the top seemed worrisome though. After checking a few more stores and striking out, I came home and noticed the old syrup bottle that I’d just cleaned out. Turns out the pump from my favorite Suave lotion bottle, Lavender Vanilla, was a perfect fit!

And the purple pump fits the blueberry syrup label perfectly. Now I just need to spray it with a clear sealant to protect the label. I’ll do that once the temperature raises about 50 degrees!

This it probably the easiest project ever, but I always like something that reuses materials that would otherwise go in the trash!

And here’s the link party part:

As the focus of this blog has shifted, I’ve been thinking about trying to grow it into something more than just a hobby… Or at least into something that would get me some free samples! That means I need to grow my readership, so when another blogger I follow decided to have her first link party, I thought that I’d better join her! I submitted my recent post about the “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign I just made for the kitchen. Part of the deal, then, is to link back to her website as well, so head on over to check it out on the “Make It and Love It” blog!

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1 Response to A Little Up-Cycle and A Link Party!

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    Love it as you know! Used it the other day, too!!
    Confused on what to do for the link party. Need clarification please!!
    Hugs, Mom

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