A Speakeasy Style Birthday Party

2014 was a big year on the birthday front for me: The Big Three-Oh! When I arrived home from work that day, Tony whisked me off to a favorite local restaurant, Simply Reinspired, for a little shopping and a surprise Island-Themed Ice Cream Cake. Yum!!


The big celebration took place a week later when we hosted a Roaring Twenties style Murder Mystery Party. And what better location than our old house?!

Cleaning up the construction zone was a big job, but I intentionally scheduled the party toward the end of Spring Break so I’d be able to take on the overwhelming task! Decor for the party was pretty minimal, but I did strategically place the boxes of tile and cover them with sheets so they’d look more like tables! I also painted the big box that our shower came in to hide our tool shelf for the mug shot photo area. Here are a few photos of the set-up (Thank you Aaron for taking these photos while I was getting dressed!)

In researching for the party, it was fun to learn that speakeasies often served their beverages in coffee and tea cups so that when raids occurred, the beverage containers were less conspicuous!

Everyone got really into the costume aspect of the party, and it was so fun to see the different outfits and props people came up with! You know, I’ve never been a fan of fringe, but now that I’ve gone flapper for a night, I get it. Ladies, let’s bring back the fringe!

Uh-oh! A murder occurred! We had to trade information to figure out who among us was the killer. Thank goodness we had help from the P.I.!

There aren’t many raids at Rosie’s. With the Mayor and the Chief of Police in attendance at the party, you’re generally safe, but it was fun to take Mug Shots anyway!

There was lots of great food, some intrigue, lots of laughter, and I think a good time was had by all!

Thanks to everyone who was able to come help me celebrate the dawn of my next decade!


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1 Response to A Speakeasy Style Birthday Party

  1. Dad says:

    It was a fabulous party! When can we do it again?

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