Side Table from Old Door

I’ve had this post nearly ready for the last week, but then I got sidetracked preparing for an interview. I found out yesterday that I got the position! Next school year I’ll be a Math Intervention Teacher – small group math instruction all day! So, I’m super excited, but I’m also excited to share this little project with you.

When we made our swing (which I’m sitting in right now – so cool!) last month we had a few extra pieces of old door left over. I knew they’d make a great table for these new chairs I picked up recently for the wrap-around side of our front porch.

I have to say, these chairs are pretty darn nice. They’re made of teak wood, so they’re perfect for outdoors, and they are adjustable. They can lean almost all the way back… I’m thinking some sun bathing? And they fold almost completely flat for winter storage, but they definitely needed a little table, which is where the rest of the old door came in.

Since the door remnant was already cut, all that was needed was a quick sanding of the edges and some legs – super easy.

I chose to use new chair legs, rather than using the left-over pieces of the original door. I just thought it would be easier. But I wanted the new legs to go with both the teak chairs and the old door, which would be tough to do with stain. So I gave the legs a faux finish by using a dry paint brush and a teeny-tiny amount of paint to quickly brush the paint onto the chair legs. I left quite a bit of wood showing, as that’s where the stain would soak in.

Once the stain was dry, I just coated each leg in a dark stain so it would look like it too had been sanded down, like the door. When I apply stain I like to use a foam brush, but everyone has their own technique.

The stain colors the bare wood very deeply and darkens the white paint as well. The longer you leave it on, the darker the color is. I wiped the stain off with paper towels immediately after coating each leg.

From there it was just a simple hole drilled into each of the 4 corners of the door remnant, and the legs screwed right in.

Won’t this be a great spot to sit and drink a glass of lemonade this summer?

I think Tony approves!


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2 Responses to Side Table from Old Door

  1. Barbara DeJardin says:

    Very cool!

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    You know how much I love it and how much I want it!!!
    Love, Mom

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