Master Bath Update

In November Tony began tearing down walls in and around our master bath. I think this is probably the state it was in last you saw it.


At that point, the floor was two different heights, and we were using the shower in one room and the toilet in another! A lot of work has been done since then, but progress has been slow. I suppose it’s not like there were other things that had to get done or anything! (Sarcasm, Ha Ha! : ) So now that the other two bathrooms have been pretty well finished, (half bath remodel downstairs and brand new bath upstairs) it was time to really get down to business with the master.

As anticipated with a project of this magnitude, we’ve run into a couple snags: one being this wall.

20140423-212630.jpg Since he was able to see sunlight through the slats, Tony had to take down more lath and blow insulation into the outer walls.

Dad and Tony were able to level out the floor by removing some old gas pipe that was no longer in use, they stabilized the floor joists, which someone went to town on with a jigsaw, and they reran the water to move the shower and ensure the water pipes would be protected from the elements.


Oh yeah, and Tony had to remove the old cast iron bath tub. It weighed 500 pounds!


Since then, though, progress has been slow… we’re approaching the 6 month mark now, and we’re just getting tired! I think the real problem was that we cleaned the house up over Spring Break, and then it was nice to just keep it clean… but it is still moving along. Here’s the same view as above from our bedroom a couple weeks ago.


The closet walls are all up, mudded, sanded, and even have a first coat of paint!

Since then, my closet light fixture has been installed too!


Finally, it was time to start tiling. All the tile has been sitting in the library for months now, as has my tub. I am just so excited for this thing to be installed!


The thing with a bathroom is there’s a particular order that has to be followed. We had to install the tub surround tile before we could move much further, but we needed to know where the tub and shower fixtures were going to go first. That’s where we hit another snag. Long story short, it was a lesson in “you get what you pay for” when you buy a really cool shower system on eBay, which really means you’ll pay 4 times the price in order to get a product that will actually work. You know, there were bound to be some expensive mistakes with this project, and (knock on wood) if this is the only one, we’ll be in great shape! So, with that taken care of, Tony was finally able to start tiling.

It was a big job, and believe it or not, this was Tony’s first real experience with tiling! He’d done a little bit with my dad on the new bathroom they installed, but not very much. And this was his first time tiling totally on his own!! It took him 2 weekends, but look at what an awesome job he did!

The tub will fit right into the corner, which will make the gray, lantern tile insets fit a little better. He even put in these cool corner shelves!

There’s still a lot of work to do… grouting, floor tile, painting, etc. before we can finally put in the fixtures, and we didn’t achieve my goal of finishing before school got out, but that’s okay. It will all get done eventually… and definitely before we celebrate our first year in this house!

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3 Responses to Master Bath Update

  1. olsonrobin says:

    You two totally amaze me! Doing all this, mentoring teens, AND teaching school, too! Awesome!

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    It will be epic when it is completed!! I love seeing and working on each room! I am beyond proud of Tony and his tiling abilities!! He probably knows that I will want to shlep my friends up to see it!!!
    Love- Mom

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