Switzerland Part 1

Guten tag from Switzerland!

We have been very blessed to spend a couple nights with some Tortola friends during our time here. We met Mark and Carrie at our favorite island hot spot, The Watering Hole, where Carrie was the Bartender Extraordinaire. They also frequented our favorite beach, Smuggler’s Cove, where we met their dog Baxter. It was a blast to catch up with them, since they left island a few months before we did.

Mark and Carrie live in a small town south of Zurich called Schwyz (pronounced Shweets). After meeting Mark for lunch, Carrie took us up into the hills for some hiking and great views. Unfortunately, it’s been a little hazy lately, so it was hard to capture the gorgeous teal of the water and the white caps on the distant alps.

Afterward though, we walked through their quaint little town and went to the chocolate factory for some tasty Swiss Chocolate! In addition to the nearby factory, this area houses the plant where all the Swiss Army Knives for the whole world are made. It’s known as the Swiss Knife Valley. We didn’t splurge for a Swiss Army Knife, but we got a paring knife to add to our knife block at home! The entire town was just so adorable, with centuries old farms interspersed through the villages and up on the hillsides. Here’s a view of the valley.

Certainly our time in Schwyz was very different from living on the island, but it was fantastic to reminisce about island life and hear about their transition to mainland Europe. And, we got to go out on a boat! Mark took us out on the lake for a two hour ride to Lucerne.

The boat ride was beautiful, passing cute town after cute town, and it is always fun to be on the water.

Lucerne is a much larger town than where Mark and Carrie live with some really neat old bridges dating back to the 1600s!

After some lunch, we walked around town and ended up at the old town wall, much of which is still intact. We were able to climb up into the towers and walk along the wall for quite aways.


The height provided awesome views of the city and the surrounding countryside.


Mark and Carrie were phenomenal hosts and we so appreciated our time with them! We had some excellent food and drinks, great company, and we even watched some of the World Cup!

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